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Tips & Tricks

[Pinned] Codes For Free SWTOR Stuff

Here are the codes that are valid for free items at the moment: >> Enter the codes here << SWCELEBRATION17 NYCANTINA17 NYCantina16 CelebrationCantina16 SWCANTINA17 Expired Codes SWTORSHARETHELOVE (expired 27th Feb 2018) Pax P...
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Ula Vii2289Small Caitlin Devries 19d
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DPS Club

[Pinned] Join Our DPS Club

Join the Stroke my Wookie DPS Club to show us where you stand in the rankings and see what kind of numbers you should be aiming for. If you wish to join in then please read the full rules and instructions on the DPS Club Rankings page 😎Please pos...
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Ula Vii7741063Member avatar small Frolov 191d

[Pinned] The end of GTN scammers

Today I worked out an easy way to help loads of people from making terrible purchases on the GTN. A lot of people won't know what I'm talking about but I know more that will ;)The trickThe trick works by taking advantage of the font used on the G...
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Ula Vii169141Small Bobafèt 323d

[Pinned] Rules, Suggestions & Complaints

We are a large guild with wookies from all over the galaxy and whilst we do our best to be friendly and social, problems do happen from time to time at which point we tend to get asked the same questions.What are the rules?The only rules we have a...
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Ula Vii1986Small Ula Vii 340d
Tips & Tricks

[Pinned] Create Temporary Teamspeak Passwords

Sometimes it's useful to co-ordinate things in Teamspeak like when you're on a pug raid or running some group PvP matches. The problem is we don't want to give our main Teamspeak password to every vagabond out there. The solution is that you can...
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Tips & Tricks

[Pinned] Setup your website timezone

You can change the websites timezone so you can see all the guild events in your local time instead of always GMT. Click here to access your "Shivtr Account" page then select your timezone from the dropdown. You must then enter your site passwor...
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Ula Vii01583Small Ula Vii 3y

Izax, the Ultimate Devourer, Storymode Guide

Izax, the Ultimate Devourer, Story mode GuidePlease be aware that the fight is very new and lots of these mechanics and explanations offered can be suboptimal and as more knowledge of fight is made known I will add/change the strategy. Huge thanks...
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Andreasson8224Small Ula Vii 19m

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is a canon animated miniseries that will take place around all eras of the Star Wars universe. Consisting of sixteen episodes, it airs online and will air on television.Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is for anyone who ha...
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DPS Club

Louis DPS Club

after some ppl buzzing my head i did a bloody parse on imp side, was bloody awfull.Virulence Sniper: 8053
Small Louis 1y
Louis9821322Small Louis 10d
DPS Club

Gelious DPS Club

Sith Marauder - Annihilation9207Full 248 gear, used Bloodthist and Accuracy stim, didn't use adrenalins because even through I am biochemist, I consider them wasted outside actual boss fight:DIt's not great, i know (*glances at all those 10k Anni ...
Small Gelious 213d
Gelious242774Small Gelious 11d
DPS Club

Dalgen Madness sorc parse Dps
Small Dalgen 37d
Dalgen9566Small Dalgen 14d
DPS Club

Invallid dps parse

carnage mara
Member avatar small Invalid 327d
Invalid122160Member avatar small Invalid 18d
DPS Club

DPS Club Feburary 2018 Prizes

Hey all, as we have two new DPS Club Leaders I thought I'd make this post to remind everyone of a DPS Club tradition that is listed on the main DPS Club page but is all too frequently forgotten:"Prizes will be awarded on the last weekend of each m...
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Ula Vii1131Small Ula Vii 20d
DPS Club

Incura DPS Club

Sorcerer ~ MadnessParse ~ 9.522k ~ use of adrenals or raid buff. I will parse some more soon to get better scores, eventually.
Member avatar small Incura 39d
Incura3339Member avatar small Incura 21d
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DPS Club

Joejoe dps parse

9078 operative lethality 9038 mercenary arsenal
Member avatar small jeo'jo 1y
jeo'jo8618913Member avatar small jeo'jo 21d
DPS Club

DPS Club Update

Hi all, I know a lot of you are frustrated at the lack of DPS Club scoreboard updates and I wanted to post here to let you know what's going on.BackgroundOriginally when I was in charge I had to hand code every entry into the DPS Club scoreboard w...
Small Ula Vii 35d
Ula Vii22804Small Louis 23d
DPS Club

Yoyo'x DPS Parse

Madness Sorc 8027.54
Small yoyoXcamy & Co. 1y
yoyoXcamy & Co.51329Small yoyoXcamy & Co. 24d
DPS Club

Petr's DPS Club parses

Assassin - Deception dps
Small Petr 1y
Petr216502Small Petr 26d

LF Mercenary teacher

Hi guys, i'm looking for a master for my arsenal mercenary Tràkri, someone can help me? Thxi would like to learn basics like rotation and stats, if is possible! Bye
Member avatar small Kinpter 57d
Kinpter3416Small Leefty 27d
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DPS Club

Blabla DPS Club Parses

Marauder Annihilation 7261.05Madness Sorcerer 6474.43
Member avatar small Blablajeroen 1y
Blablajeroen5418185Member avatar small Blablajeroen 30d