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[Pinned] Most Prestigious Wookie

Become the guilds Most Prestigious Legendary Wookie by attaining the highest prestige score. This is an ongoing competition with no end.How to enterUpload your Stronghold Panel screenshot to our Legends image gallery. That's it. I'll keep an ey...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Server Status Updates

I could do with some help for days when the servers are offline. It would be useful to me if people could post in this thread when the servers come back online as I will get the message on my phone and then know it's time to login and start the c...
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DPS Club

[Pinned] Special June 6th DPS Club Contest

Competition time! Get into any of our DPS Club Top 5 Class Tables by Tuesday June 6th to win the prizes. Through power, you gain victory, start submitting your parses now 💪 1st: 5 Million Credits 2nd: 4 Million Credits 3rd: 3 Million Credits...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] The end of GTN scammers

Today I worked out an easy way to help loads of people from making terrible purchases on the GTN. A lot of people won't know what I'm talking about but I know more that will ;)The trickThe trick works by taking advantage of the font used on the G...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Rules, Suggestions & Complaints

We are a large guild with wookies from all over the galaxy and whilst we do our best to be friendly and social, problems do happen from time to time at which point we tend to get asked the same questions.What are the rules?The only rules we have a...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Achievement Master

Become the guilds Legendary Achievement Master by attaining the highest achievement score. This is an ongoing competition with no end.How to enterUpload your Achievement Panel screenshot to our Legends image gallery. That's it. I'll keep an eye...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Gamblers Paradise

Get your game faces on as it's time to put your credits where your mouth is and place some bets!What can you gamble on?Anything 😃How To PlayPost your bet in this thread, for example:I bet 5 million credits that Romania will beat France in tonight'...
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DPS Club

[Pinned] Join Our DPS Club

Join the Stroke my Wookie DPS Club to show us where you stand in the rankings and see what kind of numbers you should be aiming for. If you wish to join in then please read the full rules and instructions on the DPS Club Rankings page 😎
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[Pinned] Site Change Log
General Discussion

[Pinned] Site Change Log

To Do Add JS in html block to make little tie fighters and x-wings fly across logo Create guild ship & stronghold page Add new contests to competitions page CXP Death Bounties Most Prestigious Wookie Achievement Master Caption Contest ...
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General Discussion

[USE INSTEAD OF SHOUTBOX] Reaction to "How class balance happens"

The thread How class balance happens seemed to have created a conversation which seems quite long. Instead of covering the shoutbox lets continue the conversation here (for those interested, it begin's in Septima's shout with the link to the threa...
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DPS Club

Aöen Dps Club

Assassin-Deception9900.23 let's start grinding !*not full geared
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DPS Club


Mercenary - Arsenal 9149.74 try, after few months i didn't played
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DPS Club

Misslunatic DPS Club

Mercenary - Arsenal 7694
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Tips & Tricks

CXP Farm (stealth)

First i want to apologize if my english is bad but... Hope you won't judge me ^^"I searched for the best way to grind CXP atm on reddit, swtor forums etc... And didn't find anything extraordinary so.. I managed to find a better way to grind some 2...
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General Discussion

Hello I need to be re-added to guild please ,I lost you guys on server transit

Hello ,how is it going !I am back online followed you to this new server ,I hadn't played in monthsCheersOlivier I am online I used to be Thalestris a tank now called Lilya Brik
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General Discussion

The end ^^

I am creating this post to inform all of You that i am disbanding Dragon Squadron and leaving guild. I've dropped idea about giving full explanation of reasons, cause that would create a shitstorm, which i would rather prefer to avoid, in order to...
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DPS Club

Deacon's DPS corner

Melinoe - bringer of nightmares and madnessOperative - Concealment(I hate dots)8360.57 This is for myself to see what gear I had ;)Mastery: 5693Power: 3314Critical: 1725Alacrity: 1372Accuracy: 698 Power relic: 993 (230 proc)Mastery relic: 1046(236...
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DPS Club

Louis DPS Club

after some ppl buzzing my head i did a bloody parse on imp side, was bloody awfull.Virulence Sniper: 8053
Small Louis 147d
Louis363277Member avatar small Dea Tacita 17d
DPS Club

Ayur's parses

Arsenal Merc 8262.21Virulence Sniper 8233.24both parses are without adrenals
Small Ayur 68d
Ayur3199Small Louis 18d
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DPS Club

Harry 5.0 DPS Club Parses

Going to be putting up a parse for each spec tonight. Please note, with the exception of the sniper the gear on all classes hasn't changed since 4.0 (including augments). In many cases, most of the characters aren't even full 224 xD Hoping to impr...
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