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DPS Club

[Pinned] Join Our DPS Club

Join the Stroke my Wookie DPS Club to show us where you stand in the rankings and see what kind of numbers you should be aiming for. If you wish to join in then please read the full rules and instructions on the DPS Club Rankings page 😎Please pos...
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Ula Vii7728786Member avatar small Frolov 36d

[Pinned] The end of GTN scammers

Today I worked out an easy way to help loads of people from making terrible purchases on the GTN. A lot of people won't know what I'm talking about but I know more that will ;)The trickThe trick works by taking advantage of the font used on the G...
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Tips & Tricks

[Pinned] Setup your website timezone

You can change the websites timezone so you can see all the guild events in your local time instead of always GMT. Click here to access your "Shivtr Account" page then select your timezone from the dropdown. You must then enter your site passwor...
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DPS Club

Kaffesugen DPS Club

Sniper Viru9620 not the best but dam bioware they nerf it to mutsh :(Sniper Marksman8631 not my strong side :) need a lot of practise :P
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Kaffesugen8571Small Kaffesugen 12h
DPS Club

Tizia DPS club

Char name = L'exäClass: OperativeSpec: LethalityDPS: 10339Stats: Mastery = 6726Endurance = 8461Power = 3849Critical = 1820Alacrity = 1564Accuracy = 743Parse link: that L'exä is my char :p
Member avatar small Tizia 88d
Tizia161036Member avatar small Tizia 13h
DPS Club

Gelious DPS Club

Sith Marauder - Annihilation9207Full 248 gear, used Bloodthist and Accuracy stim, didn't use adrenalins because even through I am biochemist, I consider them wasted outside actual boss fight:DIt's not great, i know (*glances at all those 10k Anni ...
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Gelious17460Small Louis 2d
DPS Club

Parse Reset?

When will parses for nerfed classes like lightning be reset on stroke my wookie website? I would like to get my rank on Obsidian Killer as soon as possible.
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Obsidian Killer5105Small Obsidian Killer 2d

Google doc with stats 5.x

I got this link but I don't know exactly how it works.Does anyone knows it? Does it give more information that the dulfy guide for your spec and the bants topic for opt gear?
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Anotrath5115Member avatar small Anotrath 2d
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DPS Club

Louis DPS Club

after some ppl buzzing my head i did a bloody parse on imp side, was bloody awfull.Virulence Sniper: 8053
Small Louis 262d
Louis779077Small Louis 2d
DPS Club

Esk'a (Sygrlin) DPS club

Advanced class: SniperSpecialization: VirulenceDPS: 9575
Member avatar small Sygrlin 20d
Sygrlin6173Small Louis 3d

WTB keyboard

if anyone happens to have this keyboard in good condition and wanna sell it contact me pls - - wasnt very popular from...
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DPS Club

Parse reset after huge changes?

Greetings,If this is somewhere said already, please excuse my ignorance. In that case please point me out to the answer I am looking for.The question is:When does our DPS Club reset parses?For example, with huge dps changes like in patch 5.5 lot's...
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DPS Club

Invallid dps parse

carnage mara
Member avatar small Aba'donn 172d
Aba'donn6673Member avatar small Aba'donn 5d
DPS Club

Winkys DPS club parses

Winky - Sorcerer.1st Parse:Char Name: Win'kySpec: Madness SorcererDPS: 6388.89 Comment: (4x 220er DPS set bonus, 220 OH)
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Tips & Tricks

Easy way to get new stronghold Proprietor achievements

Hey all, if you already have all the strongholds unlocked then an easy way to get the 7 new "Stronghold Proprietor" achievements (added with 5.5) is to create a level 1 scoundrel/agent character, leave the starter room and then travel to each of y...
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TotalBiscuit talks about lootboxes/gambling he talks about Battlefront 2, from the 28th minute he talks about gambling issues in general.This affects TOR, we have 2 different lootboxes in the game(Cartel Market boxes and GC boxes).I think...
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DPS Club

DPS Club September Rewards

Top 1 player on each class gets to choose a prize from our prize vault.Here are the winners and how many prizes they can pick:Blabla - 2H-man - 1Jeo'jo - 1Louis - 1Maircrist - 1Reborn - 1Winky - 1To ask for those prizes ask either me or Flavah for...
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DPS Club

Maircrist Dps Club Parse
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Maircrist6357Small Louis 15d
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DPS Club

Joejoe dps parse

9078 operative lethality 9038 mercenary arsenal
Member avatar small jeo'jo 274d
jeo'jo448925Member avatar small jeo'jo 15d

LF Sorc Madness teacher

Hey, as subject says, I am looking for someone to talk about rotation for Madness sorc. Either in comments under this topic, or by private mail on site. May the Force serve you well!
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Achiev3135Small Tybery 16d