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Google doc with stats 5.x

I got this link but I don't know exactly how it works.Does anyone knows it? Does it give more information that the dulfy guide for your spec and the bants topic for opt gear?
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LF Sorc Madness teacher

Hey, as subject says, I am looking for someone to talk about rotation for Madness sorc. Either in comments under this topic, or by private mail on site. May the Force serve you well!
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PT tank

Hey, As I already have sin and jugg tank, i was wondering about pT tanking, but when i looked at it, besides targeted mass taunt, i did not notice any great thing that would be encouraging to play class. I mean, there is no real defensives, no che...
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Juggernaut Vengeance Rotation & Theory

Initially I decided to just make a quick Vengeance Juggernaut rotation guide, but it quickly evolved into a more comprehensive guide for new and experienced players alike. I have a tendency to lose control like that. So without further ado:PVE: PL...
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Mercenary - Innovate Ordnance

Just a little tip for beginners.Thermal Detonator - when heat 0 - 10Missle blast - when target HP below 30%
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Juggernaut Rage Rotation 5.0 (Theory-crafting)

Greetings,I love playing Rage Jugg in warzones, for the great burst and pushing people around :)After checking Gants great work about theory-crafting for all classes in 5.0, I decided to create some rotation for working Rage inside Operations, whi...
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Powertech Advanced Prototype Timers

This thread is made for posting timers for the Advanced Prototype Spec
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4.0 Class Guides

Please note that the list of class guides has been moved to our Links page to keep everything in one place. This thread is just used to let people know when a new one has been added.
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5.0 Datamined Abilities

Not sure this is legit, maybe someone that uses the SWTOR Reddit more can vouch for PvPretender/Kre'a?5.0 Datamined Abilities and passives
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Mercenary Arsenal Star Parse Timers

This thread is made to post custom timers for mercenary arsenal to help newcommers to the class get the most out of it
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Parsely show opposite faction rotation

Ever seen a parse on the opposite faction and thought it was insane, then went to look at it and suddenly remembered you dont know how to read republic giberish? well fear no more, there is a way out!Kinda hard to find a title for this :P but basi...
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Marauder Carnage Star Parse Timers

This thread is made to post custom timers for marauder carnage to help newcommers to the class get the most out of it
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New Jugg calling for help!

So I love my Sniper but sometimes it's nice to wield a lightsaber. Levelling my Rage Juggernaught from 55 to 60 but no idea how to play one. Any super duper Ragers out there willing to help a Sith Warrior noob?
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Juggernaut Tank 3.0

This is the discipline I am considering to use for my Juggy tank. Any thoughts?As regards the rotation, I imagine that the only change will be Aegis Assault replacing Sundering Assault.
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PowerTech Tanking 3.0

My preferred Utility skills: Your text to link here...Your 2 cents about it would be insightful.Grts Derp
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Mercenary DD 3.0

The discipline for my Arsenal Merc, or at least one of the viable options. For Arsenal I believe it highly depends which skills will be chosen based on the fight and on the role of the Merc in it.As regards the rotation ... I am not sure yet, kind...
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Powertech / Shieldtech stats help

Hi, I've reached most of my equipment is 162 and higher. All the guides say I should be speccing sheild / defense / endurance, but none of the stuff I can buy has any of that. They all focus on absorbtion / endurance. I've tried buying high level ...
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Sorc Hybrid dps-healer

For the second boss of DP Nm a sorc dps-healer is recommened.That's why i'm starting this thread to gather goodbuild people might know about that can be used for a hybrid between healer and dps.Anyone any good builds?
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Sorcerer Healer PvE

So, I am starting this :PEvethor, Blurr and anyone else interested please post your thoughts, advice, suggestions, questions, objections here.Basically, I am interested in everything that would help being a better healer in patch 2.0: skill tree, ...
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Sorcerer DPS (Lightning/Madness/Hybrid)

Allise and myself will be putting together something guide-like on Sorc DPS (hopefully tomorrow at some point, if not the certainly within the next few days). We'll try and guess at some stat priorities for different specs, we'll also be doing so...
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