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DPS Club

[Pinned] Special June 6th DPS Club Contest

Competition time! Get into any of our DPS Club Top 5 Class Tables by Tuesday June 6th to win the prizes. Through power, you gain victory, start submitting your parses now 💪 1st: 5 Million Credits 2nd: 4 Million Credits 3rd: 3 Million Credits...
Small Ula Vii 77d
Ula Vii452839Small yoyoXcamy 18d
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DPS Club

[Pinned] Join Our DPS Club

Join the Stroke my Wookie DPS Club to show us where you stand in the rankings and see what kind of numbers you should be aiming for. If you wish to join in then please read the full rules and instructions on the DPS Club Rankings page 😎
Small Ula Vii 1y
Ula Vii7421128Member avatar small Dehivoy 1y
DPS Club

Aöen Dps Club

Assassin-Deception9900.23 let's start grinding !*not full geared
Member avatar small Aoën 6d
Aoën3121Member avatar small Aoën 4d
DPS Club


Mercenary - Arsenal 9149.74 try, after few months i didn't played
Small IDF1264 5d
IDF1264282Small IDF1264 5d
DPS Club

Misslunatic DPS Club

Mercenary - Arsenal 7694
Member avatar small Misslunatic 88d
Misslunatic5325Member avatar small Misslunatic 6d
DPS Club

Deacon's DPS corner

Melinoe - bringer of nightmares and madnessOperative - Concealment(I hate dots)8360.57 This is for myself to see what gear I had ;)Mastery: 5693Power: 3314Critical: 1725Alacrity: 1372Accuracy: 698 Power relic: 993 (230 proc)Mastery relic: 1046(236...
Member avatar small Dea Tacita 64d
Dea Tacita8622Member avatar small Dea Tacita 19d
DPS Club

Louis DPS Club

after some ppl buzzing my head i did a bloody parse on imp side, was bloody awfull.Virulence Sniper: 8053
Small Louis 151d
Louis363387Member avatar small Dea Tacita 21d
DPS Club

Ayur's parses

Arsenal Merc 8262.21Virulence Sniper 8233.24both parses are without adrenals
Small Ayur 71d
Ayur3211Small Louis 21d
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DPS Club

Harry 5.0 DPS Club Parses

Going to be putting up a parse for each spec tonight. Please note, with the exception of the sniper the gear on all classes hasn't changed since 4.0 (including augments). In many cases, most of the characters aren't even full 224 xD Hoping to impr...
Member avatar small Harry 196d
Harry687397Small Louis 21d
DPS Club

Decimus DPS club parses

Arsenal Mercenary - 9921.72
Small Decimus 27d
Decimus4242Small Decimus 22d
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DPS Club

Joejoe dps parse

9078 operative lethality 9038 mercenary arsenal
Member avatar small jeo'jo 162d
jeo'jo414936Member avatar small jeo'jo 22d
DPS Club

Ækim - DPS Parse

Mercenary Arsenal : 9025.38
Small Ækim 29d
Ækim3200Small Ækim 23d
DPS Club

Drízzle Dps club 9233.18
Small Drizzle 76d
Drizzle10728Small Drizzle 23d
DPS Club

Quorra'ns DPS Club Parses

Quorra'ns Operative Lethality 6503.58.(Time to practice concealment!)
Small Zero 1y
Zero173033Small Zero 23d
DPS Club

Blabla DPS Club Parses

Marauder Annihilation 7261.05Madness Sorcerer 6474.43
Member avatar small Blablajeroen 1y
Blablajeroen355690Member avatar small Blablajeroen 23d
DPS Club

Thrass DPS parse

Mercenary ArsenalDPS: 10042
Small Thrass 67d
Thrass111068Small Thrass 24d
DPS Club

Derp's deeps club

Latest: 8865.14 dps Lightning sorc without bug (non BiS) 6437.32 dps Madness sorc (using healing gear due to gearing fuck from BW)
Small Derpine 1y
Derpine21108Small Derpine 25d
DPS Club

Solaná DPS club parses

Solaná - Hatred assassin - 6807Solaná - Deception assassin - 6780
Member avatar small Solaná 270d
Solaná172803Member avatar small Solaná 25d
DPS Club

Tóny Stark DPS club parses

Small tony stark 35d
tony stark3292Small tony stark 25d
DPS Club

Acøra dps parses

Marauder Annihilation9371.01parsely
Member avatar small Bel 137d
Bel4737Member avatar small Bel 27d