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Ula Vii / Dec 06, 2017

Iokath Conquest is here again woohoo! It seems Musco was too busy stroking his porg to post an updated conquest schedule and so he dropped Iokath on us with no notice. We already had a week of great events planned and now we get to add all the fun teamwork activities that are required for victory over Iokath so strap up and prepare for action! We are strong believers in work hard/play hard so as a reward for the top 50 conquest point scorers we are giving away 150 million credits in prizes:

Top 50 Prizes ~ 150 Million Credits
  • 1st: 20 Million Credits & "Minister Of War" legendary rank
  • 2nd: 15 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 15 Million Credits
  • 4th: 10 Million Credits
  • 5th: 7 Million Credits
  • 6th: 6 Million Credits
  • 7th: 6 Million Credits
  • 8th: 6 Million Credits
  • 9th: 5 Million Credits
  • 10th: 5 Million Credits
  • 11th-20th: 4 Million Credits Each
  • 21st-30th: 1.5 Million Credits Each
There are loads of fun things you can do either in a group or on your own. As usual I will total up all your scores on Monday night based on your legacy and member notes and I'll post the results on the site before mailing your prize credits.

Crafting War Supplies is a big point earner and Invasion Forces are repeatable but they give less points and take much longer to produce so leave those until you are out of other mats.

The Iokath daily and weekly missions are repeatable across your characters as are completing Group Finder ops and Flashpoints so give a shout out in guild chat and see who else can join you.

There are bonuses for completing Group Finder raids so the Dark Council will be getting lockouts for the final bosses to do repeat kills in the late afternoon & evening. The more people and characters helping with this the better.

There are three 1-off bonuses for boss kills, these only count once for your legacy:

What would help loads is if you can put an alt next to each of the openworld bosses and then include that alt in your login rotation. If you find one of them alive then try and get a group together in guild chat. I'm sure some wookies will get Nahut SM lockouts so if possible try and get as many people through that as possible.

Both PvP and GSF will generate great points this week so make sure to pickup the daily and weekly missions then dive in. Remember that if you go into a match then you are there to win. If we find out you have been going AFK or suiciding then you will be kicked! We want to win Iokath but not at the expense of spoiling the game for other people.

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


For the Muscos of the world...💩

Ula Vii / Oct 08, 2017

Wow we have some exciting times ahead of us. Not only do we have patch 5.5 arriving with a host of quality of life improvements but our server is also being merged on November 8th. The Red Eclipse, Tomb of Freedon Nadd and The Progenitor are all being combined into a single new server called "Darth Malgus". The best part is we don't have to do a thing!

  • The guild, guild-ship and stronghold will be moved as whole so you won't be on your own!
  • All your characters, strongholds and storage from the 3 servers will be moved over
  • If you end up with more characters then the server limit (52) you will still be able to play them all, you just won't be able to create more characters until you delete enough to drop below the limit
  • Guild character limit is staying at 1000
  • The personal stronghold cap will be raised to 10
  • If you have strongholds on more than one of the 3 source servers then you will have them all on the new server, so you could have more than one Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace
  • If you go above the cap of 10 you can still use all your strongholds but you won't be able to purchase any new ones they add in the future until you deactivate enough to fall below the 10 threshold
  • You won't have to redecorate so your lovely rooms full of chairs will stay as elegant as ever 😁
  • Stronghold conquest bonus stays capped at 150%
  • Achievements from multiple servers will be combined (highest progress wins)
  • Achievements still in progress are maintained so you won't have to restart them
  • Some of your character names may be in jeopardy! Because people on the three servers may have the same name BW have decided to solve the problem by having a priority list:
    • If you are a subscriber you have priority on the name over F2P & preferred players
    • If somebody of the same subscription status as you shares the name then it goes to the one with the most time played
    • Characters that are level 10 or lower and which have not been logged for 90 days will lose their names to free them up
  • Rename tokens will be going on discount at some point around the merge
  • Friend & Ignore lists will transfer
  • Appearance Designer tabs will transfer

What about the ToFN Stroke My Wookie guild?
Our ToFN guild still exists although it is manned by a sole caretaker who rests in stasis aboard our old guild ship. When the merge happens there will be more than one Stroke My Wookie and the guild names will have the original server appended by the system:

Stroke My Wookie - The Red Eclipse
Stroke My Wookie - Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Stroke My Wookie - The Progenitor

After the merge I will rename the empty guilds which will revert our displayed guild name back to the normal version without the server name on the end. I'll keep the ToFN guild and guild ship for the moment until we have a use for them 😉

Buy your own personal guild ship & guild bank!
For those with some spare credits I want to point out that there will be A LOT of unused guilds and guild ships arriving on the new server so it should be a great time to buy a cheap fully unlocked guild ship with several bank tabs. I won't be selling our spare one but I'm sure other people will for some quick credits.

Max out your character slots
The server limit is 52 characters lots. If you make 18 characters on each of the 3 servers then when they merge you will have 52 character slots for free. The hope is that you can delete the level 1 placeholders you made and still have the character slot available. We'll only know if this works once the merge is complete but it's worth a go, I'll be trying it.

Thanks to Plague for this suggestion 👍

Claim your character name
If you couldn't get the name you wanted on TRE originally then now is the time to see if you can claim it. The first step on TRE is to open the friends list on both factions and try adding the name you want. Once added you should be able to see their character level. If not remove them and add them again. If they are a low level character or one that is not played very often then you may be in luck! Your next step should be to do the transfer+rename trick:

  1. Head to the server select screen and try to create a level 1 character on both ToFN and Prog with the name you want
  2. If it lets you create level 1 characters on both ToFN & Prog then leave the one on Prog and delete the one on ToFN. Skip to step 5
  3. If it only lets you create the level 1 character on one of the servers then delete the character and skip to step 5
  4. If you discover the name is used on all three servers then you're fucked. It's still worth checking their character level in case they are all level 10 or lower but otherwise your only choice is to contact them and ask if you can have the name after the merge. Possibly sweeten things by offering them a character rename token once they are discounted
  5. Transfer+Rename Trick: Pick a well played high level character you don't mind transferring to ToFN/Prog until merge day. It does not need to be the character you actually want to have the name although it saves a few steps at the end if it is
  6. Don't transfer yet
  7. First head to ToFN or Prog (whichever does NOT have a character with your desired name) and create a new character with the name of the one you just picked to transfer
  8. Now transfer your high level character for 90CC to ToFN/Prog
  9. When it arrives on the other server the system will say the name has already been used and that you must rename your transferred character so give it the name you want to claim after the merge
  10. Now you should have a well played high level character on ToFN or Prog with the name you want, ready for merge day
To put that into an example:

  • You have a character on TRE called Eric Múscô and you really wanted the proper spelling Eric Musco but somebody already had that version
  • You do the who panel and friend panel test and see they are only level 7
  • You then head to ToFN and Prog and try to create a character on each called Eric Musco
  • You see there is a level 30 Eric Musco on Prog
  • You find nobody has that name on ToFN so you create a new level 1 character there called Eric Múscô (name matches the one on TRE)
  • You transfer your high level Eric Múscô from TRE to ToFN
  • The server tells you it already exists and forces you to rename so you type Eric Musco
  • Now you have a high level well played character on ToFN with the proper spelling for Eric Musco
  • On merge day that one will have priority over the level 7 already on TRE and the level 30 on Prog *IF* you are a sub and they are not OR if you're /played time is greater than theirs
If everything goes to plan then after the merge you may find you managed to win the name hoora! If the one you transfered with was not the character you actually wanted to have the name then you just need to use a (soon to be discounted) rename token or wait a few days until transfers are enabled again and repeat the rename trick by transferring the character to the new French or German server. That will then free up the name again on the Darth Malgus server so you can create a new character or rename the one you were forced to use the bastardised Ćhàrãćtêŕ Ňåmę version of 😅

Special Note: Server character transfers will be disabled for one week before Merge Day and one week after (around 1st-15th) so you need to do this soon!

Buy 18 strongholds!
The producers have been pretty vague about how the SH conquest bonus will work besides saying it will remain capped at 150%. Musco muttered something in the stream about the bonus being spread across your strongholds. Sooooo my advice is to buy all the strongholds across all 3 servers so that after the merge you can have your 150% CQ bonus AND a bunch of nice properly decorated strongholds.

Currently you can't have them all active on the same server but that doesn't stop you having the last one active on another server. I didn't bother buying the Umbara train but I will now. I already have all the other strongholds unlocked on TRE & ToFN so I'll send a character with some credits over to Prog to buy another 6 strongholds there. After the merge I will still have at least 6 strongholds which are maxed out with chairs and paintings for my 150% stronghold bonus and then I can properly decorate the duplicates in my own time. I'll have 18 strongholds in total. Sure I'll have to deactivate 9 if they add another stronghold and I want it but I can deal with that when it happens.

Save your command packs
If you are already level 300 and have all your gear then save your packs until patch 5.6 on November 28th. They are changing the way disintegrate works so it will give you legacy bound Unassembled Components. They confirmed that this change will be retroactive so it will work with packs you have already (source). They have not said if the other changes to crates will be retroactive but we can wish 😀

Fall Roadmap 2017
Galactic Crate content improvements – we’re adding another slot in each crate that, no matter what Tier you’re in, grants a small chance to receive a higher tier Mod/Enhancement, Grand Chance Cube, CXP Buff, or CXP consumable.

These are the big things that affect the guild and your characters but there are plenty more so make sure to go read the following links after finishing the news post! 😅

Play well, have fun and see you on the other side!
~ Ula Vii ~

Iokath PvP War: New Achievements - Friday 20th October
We have run the Iokath PvP War a few times now and despite the massive loot trail lag issues the event has been good fun. We're running the event again as the datamined 5.5#3 data shows they may be adding some 6 more PvP achievements for the area:

  1. Traitor To Your Own - Defeat 50 Imps as an Imp - (20 Achievement Points)
  2. Defeating Your Own - Defeat 50 Reps as a Rep - (20 Achievement Points)
  3. The Fire of Aivela - Defeat 50 enemy players as Aivela (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
  4. The Jealousy of Esne - Defeat 50 enemy players as Esne (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
  5. Tyths Rage - Defeat 50 enemy players as Tyth (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
  6. Walking All Over Them - Defeat 50 enemy players as a walker (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
I am posting this event a few weeks in advance to give you the opportunity to farm enough Iokath Power Shards to access the droid unlocks (War Factory entrance is good location). You will also need the Tyth, Aivela and Esne Control Modules that drop from the bosses if you want those achievements.

Signup for the event on Friday 20th and make sure to tell your friends as this event that is open to all.

Raiders: 5.x Squad Progression
It's been pretty quiet in raid town over the summer but things are heating up again as people return from their summer breaks. On November 28th the third boss from Gods From The Machine arrives: "Nahut the hated son" so it might be an idea for the teams which haven't already cleared Aivela & Esne to focus on them so they can tackle Nahut when he is released 👾

Raid Progress
Raid Teams Recruiting

Ace Squadron >> Apply
Ace Squadron are seeking a melee/ranged DPS.

Dread Squadron >> Apply
Dread Squadron are seeking a new team member of any role as they can juggle the team around to accommodate you.

Omega Squadron >> Apply
Omega Squadron are seeking a ranged DPS.

Phoenix Squadron >> Apply
Phoenix Squadron are seeking two DPS.

Reaper Squadron >> Apply
Reaper Squadron are seeking tanks.

Shadow Squadron >> Apply
Shadow Squadron are seeking a healer.

House Party
We had a great House Party this month were we got around 60 people the achievements in 2.5 hours which is a pretty good speed for such a mixed crowd. Don't worry if you missed out this time as we run this event every 2-3 months with the next being planned for December so see you all next time 👍

3-Winner Blind Lottery Results
We ran a special Blind Lottery to mark our 100th. To make this a blind lottery for some extra fun I hid the ledger tab from all ranks so nobody knew who bought how many tickets. As Obi Wan famously said:

"Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them, stretch out with your feelings, spend big and be a winner!"

The final prize pot was 148.9 million credits with each wining roll getting them 49.63 million credits! The winners were: Bigslasher (35 tickets), Tony Stark (15 tickets) and Shiira (6 tickets) 💰

Next lottery begins on Tuesday 10th with the draw on Sunday 15th. You can read the full details of how the winners are picked on the lottery page. Play to win!

Get your free Korrealis Viceroy mount
  1. Open:
  2. Enter code: NYCANTINA17
  3. (If already logged in) Close game and log in again
  4. Check in-game mail for your Korrealis Viceroy mount
  5. You can also try these other codes from previous cantina events:


"Let's bring Theron home..."
( we can torture him before finishing him and his haircut with a light saber)

Ula Vii / Sep 04, 2017
The first time Iokath arrived was a big surprise which resulted in all the guilds going head to head as we had no time to prepare anything more appropriate. Plunder of Iokath is a unique conquest week as there is only a single planet to conquer and whilst we won it with relative ease last time it only seems right that we make it more accessible to everyone on the server by creating two new guilds specifically for the Iokath conquest:

Imperial Iokath Conquest ~ Republic Iokath Conquest

We know there are plenty of people that prefer to fight for their faction so we have created a guild on each side to battle it out in true Imp vs Rep fashion. The fate of either guild depends entirely on you!

Important Edit: Based on first day & night scores the alliance guilds have decided to move all our focus to the Imperial Iokath Alliance. We ask that each of you also moves your focus there so our points are all pooled in one guild. You can read more about this here.

  • Tuesday 5th September - Guild invites begin
  • Tuesday 12th September - Plunder of Iokath begins
  • Monday 18th September - Plunder of Iokath ends
Rules of the game
  • Each character must earn at least 50,000 points
  • People that troll or spoil the game for other players will be kicked
Alliance Guilds
  • Imp: Stroke my Wookie
  • Rep: The Angels
  • Imp: Pensaquito
  • Rep: The Jedi Order
  • Imp: Backped Theory
  • Rep: Feccia Ribelle
  • Rep: Royal Panda Society
  • Rep: Dauntless
  • Imp: Reincarnated
  • Rep: The Wookiees
  • Rep: La Croisée
  • Imp: Laugh It Up Fuzzball
  • Rep: Red Hoth Chilly Peppers
  • Imp: Myst
How to join in
The first thing to do is search the Who panel for "Conquest" and ask one of the following characters to invite you to the Iokath Conquest guild:

  • Argandan
  • Atri'ss
  • Blueberry Chisscake
  • Celaenâ
  • Creme Brule
  • Dharvis
  • Françoise Arnoul
  • Go'ryl
  • Jenna-zan
  • Korinar
  • Ladywise
  • Mazíkeen
  • Moilra
  • Nortic
  • Ra'maya
  • Spyweb
  • Theo'sjugs
  • Touchmypvpness
  • Wade Wilson
  • Yajur
  • Yaël
  • Accipiter Brevipes
  • Alliase
  • Argaël
  • Æon flux
  • Briego
  • Cur'ie
  • Eadini
  • Flash'back
  • High Lander
  • Ladywisdom
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Meilán
  • Mia's-ham'ham
  • Miissbrix
  • Ragiista
  • Sabass
  • Sandman Dreams
  • Shakrj
  • Syvo
If none of them are online then ask myself or one of the Dark Council to relog and invite you but remember to check the guild panel and make sure we're not busy!

For those outside SMW I will be contacting several guild leaders to offer them and their guild members the opportunity to temporarily join the alliance guilds with alts for the Iokath week and I will be advertising the event in both fleet's chat channels to give everyone else the chance to get invited.

What can other guilds do to help?
Guild leaders and officers can join the Iokath Alliance by moving a character into either or both guilds which they can use to invite their guild members, organise group activities and handle player moderation.

Contact me in-game on Ula Vii (Imp), Nortic (Imp) or High Lander (Rep) if you know a guild that wants to join the alliance.

350 Million Credits In Prizes!
Everyone loves prizes so we'll be giving away 200 million credits to the top 30 conquest point scorers in the highest scoring guild as detailed below and a further 150 million to the top 30 in the other guild:

First Guild - 200 Million Credits
  • 1st: 30 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 20 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 20 Million Credits
  • 4th: 15 Million Credits
  • 5th: 10 Million Credits
  • 6th: 8 Million Credits
  • 7th: 7 Million Credits
  • 8th: 7 Million Credits
  • 9th: 7 Million Credits
  • 10th: 6 Million Credits
  • 11th-20th: 5 Million Credits Each
  • 21st-30th: 2 Million Credits Each

Second Guild - 150 Million Credits
  • 1st: 20 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 15 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 15 Million Credits
  • 4th: 10 Million Credits
  • 5th: 7 Million Credits
  • 6th: 6 Million Credits
  • 7th: 6 Million Credits
  • 8th: 6 Million Credits
  • 9th: 5 Million Credits
  • 10th: 5 Million Credits
  • 11th-20th: 4 Million Credits Each
  • 21st-30th: 1.5 Million Credits Each

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean Stroke my Wookie isn't pushing for Iokath?
To show our commitment to the alliance we won't be invading.

Are there any voice comms we can use to coordinate alliance groups?
There sure is! We've created a Discord server just for this purpose:

Why is there a character limit?
**We removed the character limit**
We have limited the number of characters each player can have to give as many people as possible the chance to win the planet. There is a 1000 character limit for guilds which sounds like a lot but just 25 people who each have 20 characters will use up 500 slots.

Can I have a character in both the Imperial & Republic guilds?

Is it all crafting?
Crafting War Supplies is definitely the big point earner but there are plenty of other bonuses you can group up for. It is up to each of you to decide the best way to earn your points. Myself and several of our officers will be crafting over a million points each on the characters we bring in and we are sticking to the one character rule.

The weekly is 20k so why do you say 50k?
This ensures each guild generates at least 50 million points which is a good head start.

Do we have access to group summons?
Yes, it is set to 3 summons per character.
Ula Vii / Jun 27, 2017

Congratulations everybody, we successfully conquered Iokath and as this was the first time it has been available we had a special competition to reward the top 30 conquest point earners with significantly higher prizes than our usual weekly rewards. As an extra bonus I decided to expand the number of prizes to include the top 50, awarding 1 million credits to each player from #30 to #50 🏆

Not only did we win Iokath for a server first but we also beat our previous server record with 105,652,530 conquest points! 😎 (Our previous record was 103,318,591)

A huge thank you to everybody that contributed to our victory and a special nod to Two-fingers our Captain of Industry who kept the fires burning in our war machine 😉

  1. Grand Moff Louis: 14,749,155 Conquest Points - Wins 30 Million Credits
  2. Jaxues: 6,474,278 - Wins 20 Million Credits
  3. Nyessá: 5,478,795 - Wins 15 Million Credits
  4. Dread Legion of Yoyo: 3,929,209 - Wins 10 Million Credits
  5. Dread Lord Carä: 3,867,780 - Wins 7 Million Credits
  6. Redspaet: 3,177,409 - Wins 5 Million Credits
  7. Grand Moff Honzis: 2,977,338 - Wins 5 Million Credits
  8. Black Knight Miley Fury: 2,682,104 - Wins 5 Million Credits
  9. Deyona: 2,208,711 - Wins 5 Million Credits
  10. Kenny-mccormick: 1,822,500 - Wins 5 Million Credits
  11. Makavity: 1,247,608 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  12. Decimus: 1,177,692 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  13. Jay Heaven: 1,167,141 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  14. Smellycatus: 1,041,007 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  15. Ahnyara: 1,009,012 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  16. Batmana: 874,050 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  17. Teodorre: 844,938 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  18. Grand Moff C'bon: 765,493 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  19. Vinya'a: 668,978 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  20. Grand Moff No'getta: 644,208 - Wins 2 Million Credits
  21. Misslunatic: 641,555 - The remaining 30 each win 1 million credits
  22. Grand Moff Roussou: 563,939
  23. Blabla: 552,847
  24. Midyan: 546,860
  25. Begw: 539,000
  26. Cleta: 538,559
  27. Evolaz: 454,150
  28. Kibienth: 447,500
  29. Cat'napper: 439,481
  30. And'ra: 424,717
  31. Xasyn: 406,700
  32. Chiannu: 403,719
  33. Mabstabsgetreu: 397,236
  34. Toja-vega: 346,045
  35. Nagl'far: 336,445
  36. Peacekeeper Rafi: 328,690
  37. Noxarian: 327,712
  38. Athi Ori: 326,500
  39. Dristah: 322,000
  40. Daýdre: 296,102
  41. Nether-tigris: 294,985
  42. Cold Blooded: 286,959
  43. Ieti: 275,500
  44. Erza Scarlet: 275,000
  45. Queen Silver: 274,260
  46. Atalantæ: 264,000
  47. Galdorius: 263,000
  48. Avi: 245,750
  49. Whatnott: 227,000
  50. Kaffesugen: 219,420

Early week race to #1 be like...

Ula Vii / May 09, 2017

Congratulations everybody, this week we earned our billionth conquest point! 😱

1,007,173,318 Conquest Points
Total Conquests: 140
Total 1st Places: 123
Total Points TOFN: 466,654,930
Total Points TRE: 540,518,388
Highest Single Week Guild Score: 103,318,591

I went through every panel screenshot in our Conquest Gallery and then filled in the missing 4 weeks with the numbers from the SWTOR Conquest Tracker site so this is as accurate as I can get.

This is a great accomplishment and an amazing symbol of what we can achieve when we work together, well done and thank you for all your effort 👊

SMW Conquest v2
You all know that besides our Tuesday event and the weekly prizes for the top point scorers we don't really focus on conquest much and yet with us passing 1 billion points I realise we have neglected a group of our guild who do push for conquest as they enjoy the challenge. Therefore I have implemented three steps to better reward these crazy crazy wookies 😁

Conquest Update 1) Billionaires Bling! Weekly Prizes Increased
As usual, each week we calculate the total number of conquest points for all your wookie characters based on your legacy and give rewards to the the top scorers. You don't have to do anything special as we calculate the totals for you all and mail the prizes. That way you can focus on enjoying the game however you please and still get fun CQ prizes.

  • 1st: Legendary rank of Minister of War, a Chance Cube and 3,000,000 credits (up from 1m)
  • 2nd: 1,500,000 credits (up from 600k)
  • 3rd: 1,000,000 credits (up from 300k)
  • Bonus Winner: 1 million credits for highest single character score (up from 300k)
  • Bonus: 100k credits for each 100k points
  • Bonus: 200k credits for each 200k points (changed from "250k credits for each 500k")
  • Bonuses apply to everybody, not just top 3 so each of you with at least 100k points wins a prize
Conquest Update 2) Introducing the Captain of Industry
To help ensure the guilds victory on crafting weeks I have promoted Two-fingers to Black Knight rank where he will serve as our Captain of Industry. I have given him the responsibility of achieving the guilds victory on crafting weeks by sourcing raw materials and pre-crafting the components/attachments/grafts so we have vast reserves ready to deploy.

These will primarily be used by myself & Two-fingers who are both exempt from winning the special crafting week prizes. I will also be giving materials to a select group of crafters who have proven themselves in previous crafting weeks. I see everybody's score when I calculate the winners. Even if you don't get access to the top level prizes this time I will still see how much effort you put into winning so that next time you may be chosen as one of the hero crafters.

Conquest Update 3) 50 Million In Prizes Every Crafting Week
We've had 3-4 special conquests were we dished out 100m in prizes but now we will be awarding 50m credits EVERY crafting week! The next two are:

Crafting Week Conquest Prizes
  • 1st: 10 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 7 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 5 Million Credits
  • 4th: 3 Million Credits
  • 5th: 2.5 Million Credits
  • 6th: 2.5 Million Credits
  • 7th: 2.5 Million Credits
  • 8th: 2.5 Million Credits
  • 9th: 2.5 Million Credits
  • 10th: 2.5 Million Credits
  • 11th-30th: 500k
  • Total: 50 Million Credits
Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~

Emperor Valkorion Sends His Best!
Our very own Min'Taala met Darin De Paul the voice of Emperor Valkorion at the SWTOR Orlando Cantina event and he got a treat for us all:

Huge thank you Mint, this is exceptionally cool 🌟

Rise of the Black Knights
I have created a new organisation within the guild called The Black Knights who will be taking on some of my daily guild responsibilities. We have grown to a size where I believe it best we have skilled individuals dedicated to certain areas instead of me spreading my focus and not doing justice to each.

The Black Knights are not officers but agents of positive force within the guild that I have personally selected due to their unique talents & personalities:

Black Knight Aashtaroth - Herald
Ash will be our primary Herald who will post details about our latest events in /g and answer any of your event related questions. Some people are uncomfortable asking me or the officers questions however everybody likes chatting with Ash as he's just all round fun 👍

Black Knight Miley - Quartermaster
Miley will be serving as our Quartermaster by managing the guild bank including watching for thieves. Whilst we get 3-4 blatant thieves each month, there are some who steal little by little over time. What constitutes a guild bank thief? Somebody that takes credits directly or withdraws items to sell them. Items in the bank are for you to use, not sell. We provide enough opportunities for people to earn credits that there should be no need to steal. Miley will be protecting our items and the credits that cover all our summons and repair costs each week.

Black Knight Two-fingers - Captain of Industry
Two-fingers will serve as our Captain of Industry and will be responsible for the guilds victories and losses during conquest crafting weeks by sourcing raw materials and pre-crafting the components/attachments/grafts so we have vast reserves ready to deploy. You can read more about this further up the page 👆

3 Different PvP Knockout Tournaments
This month we have 3 different PvP tournaments and gear does not matter in 2 of them! Please signup so we know how many to expect, tournaments get cancelled if there are not enough names listed 😓

Friday 12th: 1v1 Rakghoul PvP Knockout Tournament - [Read more & enter]
  • Duel as Rakghouls inside the Trial & Error uprising
  • 1st: 10 million credits
  • 2nd: 5 million credits
  • 3rd: 2 million credits

Friday 19th: Bare Knuckle Boxing Contest - [Read more & enter]
  • "Legacy of Combat" boxing attacks only: Punch, Jab, Uppercut and Bash
  • 1st: 10 million credits
  • 2nd: 5 million credits
  • 3rd: 2 million credits

Friday June 2nd: 1v1 PvP Knockout Tournament - [Read more and signup for it on the event page]
  • Normal 1v1 dueling
  • 1st: 20 million credits
  • 2nd: 10 million credits
  • 3rd: 5 million credits

Super June 6th DPS Club Competition
Submit a combat log parse that gets into any of our DPS Club Top 5 Class Tables by the super special date of Tuesday June 6th to win the prizes. Through power, you gain victory, start submitting your parses now 💪

  • 1st: 5 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 4 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 3 Million Credits
  • 4th: 2 Million Credits
  • 5th: 1 Million Credits
  • 120 million in prizes total! 😎
A great example from our current DPS Club rankings is H-man's parses as he has entered several of the class tables. Below, you can see a tally and how much he would earn if we paid the prizes right now:

  • Two 1st places - 2x5m
  • Two 2nd places - 2x4m
  • Two 3rd place - 2x3m
  • One 4th place - 1x2m
  • One 5th place - 1x1m
  • Total: 27 Million Credits
P.S. There are only currently 4 submissions for Powertechs 😉

Making magic ✨

Ula Vii / Apr 18, 2017

Game Update 5.2 "The War For Iokath" is here and brings with it a new story, new daily area, new open-world PvP system, "improved" gear system, a new galaxy map, a potential new Zakuul stronghold and "Tyth" the first of several new operation bosses ✌️

To help everyone get the most from the new content we have scheduled a week of special events so make sure to signup. Do keep an eye on the top calendar as we also have several raids to help people get gear tokens quickly and might add more 😉

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~

Master of Nightmares
With the new gear levels, ease of farming tokens and lack of raid level increase, game update 5.2 will remind a lot of people of 3.0 when it comes to raid difficulty.

Grand Moff Flava'h has taken on the mantle of Master of Nightmares as he takes lead of the guilds Nightmare x16 raid progression. The first step is to help all guild members get the new gear sorted out quickly and then over the next few weeks we'll increase the difficulty levels of the general guild raids. I have given him free reign over who goes on the Nightmare raids and how they are conducted. We want you to enjoy yourselves but at the same time Flava'h wanted me to pass on his warning that he will be strict on these raids as they require people who are dedicated and focused on success. A little tip from me is that Flava'h also maintains the guilds DPS Club Leaderboard which means he sees all the scores submitted 😉

To make your x16 nightmare kills even sweeter and to thank you for your effort, the guild will award 32 million credits to be split among the group for each NMx16 raid cleared off the guild progress:

Nightmare x16 Rewards
When possible we will schedule a 2nd raid group for the same night that will take a less difficult raid so if one group is doing the NMx16 version, another could do the HMx16/x8.

We will also be continuing our Wookie Cadets Raider Training program which means we provide easy, hard and nightmare raids every week to cover everyone 👊

Raiders: 5.x Squad Progression
Our raiders may be holding their breathes in anticipation of how glorious it feels when it starts raining gear tokens from bosses again but they are still making great progress in the meantime. If you are interested in joining a team then let them know by making a post in our Squad Recruitment forum.

Raid Progress

1v1 PvP Knockout Tournament
Our next 1v1 PvP Knockout Tournament is almost here (Friday 28th) and I'm happy to announce we have vastly increased the prizes so go put your name down now as we have limited spaces:

  • 1st: Wins 20 million credits (up from 5)
  • 2nd: Wins 10 million credits (up from 3)
  • 3rd: Wins 5 million credits (up from 2)
The video above is the final fight from our previous 2v2 Tournament. You can see the full results from that along with videos for the rest of the fights on the results page.

Craft To Win!
Remember to post your new top level craftables to our 5.x Guild Crafters page. Crafters must craft for just materials to guild members without asking for an additional crafting fee. All crits go to the crafter.

Find what you want on the list and then either mail the person on the site or find them via member notes in-game to make the arrangements for your gear upgrade 🔧

Iokath Photo Contest - Submissions end May 28th
Just the small part of Iokath we already got to experience in Knights of the Eternal Throne showed how scenic it can be. Now we get a much bigger section to explore which means it's time for our next Photo Contest! To play, just take a nice screenshot of yourself on Iokath, upload it to our site and post a link to it in the competition thread. You can read the full rules and guide on how to upload screenshots there as well.

  • 1st: Wins 5 million credits
  • 2nd: Wins 3 million credits
  • 3rd: Wins 2 million credits

Photo Caption Contest - Submissions end May 28th
To play, post a reply in the contest thread with a caption you think fitting to match the screenshot above.

  • 1st: Wins 5 million credits
  • 2nd: Wins 3 million credits
  • 3rd: Wins 2 million credits

Super June 6th DPS Club Competition
Submit a combat log parse that gets into any of our DPS Club Top 5 Class Tables by Tuesday June 6th to win the prizes. Through power, you gain victory, start submitting your parses now 💪

  • 1st: 5 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 4 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 3 Million Credits
  • 4th: 2 Million Credits
  • 5th: 1 Million Credits
  • 120 million in prizes total! 😎
A great example from our current DPS Club rankings is H-man's parses as he has entered several of the class tables. Below, you can see a tally and how much he would earn if we paid the prizes right now:

  • Two 1st places - 2x5m
  • One 3rd place - 1x3m
  • Five 4th places - 5x2m
  • One 5th place - 1x1m
  • Total: 24 Million Credits
I pushed back the original May 4th deadline until later to give people more time to gear up in 5.2 but also because I realised we almost missed celebrating a date special to all wookies, June the 6th 😉

When you let things escalate 😜
(NSFW unless you work somewhere super chilled!)

Ula Vii / Mar 04, 2017

Well done Wookies, we had a great two weeks of conquest action seeing us score a new server record of 103 million points for CZ-198 and then a super easy domination of the jungle moon Yavin 4, giving rise to over 100 new Galaxy Conquerors. We awarded 100 million credits in prizes for the top 30 each of those weeks and everyone listed can choose a bonus reward from our Prizes bank vault 🏆

  1. YoyoXcamy - 10,485,871 - 20 Million Credits
  2. Carä - 8,032,647 - 15 Million Credits
  3. Roussou - 7,189,093 - 10 Million Credits
  4. Y'gritte - 6,872,790 - 5 Million Credits
  5. C'bon - 5,945,508 - 5 Million Credits
  6. Two-fingers - 3,885,821 - 5 Million Credits
  7. Xasyn - 3,882,044 - 5 Million Credits
  8. Queen Silver - 3,132,716 - 5 Million Credits
  9. Honzis - 2,616,231 - 5 Million Credits
  10. Miley Fury - 2,493,592 - 5 Million Credits
Yavin 4
  1. Miley Fury - 460,274 - 20 Million Credits
  2. Cold Blooded - 435,905 - 15 Million Credits
  3. Xefi - 373,891 - 10 Million Credits
  4. Septíma - 360,625 - 5 Million Credits
  5. Smilê - 335,903 - 5 Million Credits
  6. Drezmaster - 244,500 - 5 Million Credits
  7. Çybèrtengu - 243,011 - 5 Million Credits
  8. Nyessá - 237,213 - 5 Million Credits
  9. YoyoXcamy - 233,966 - 5 Million Credits
  10. Flamë - 222,500 - 5 Million Credits

  • Argona'th - 2,252,236 - 1m Credits
  • Septíma - 1,853,772 - 1m Credits
  • Moraelin - 1,534,501 - 1m Credits
  • Kitty'asswell - 1,296,000 - 1m Credits
  • Storvia - 1,212,711 - 1m Credits
  • Elizabyte - 1,191,675 - 1m Credits
  • Ahnyara - 1,095,567 - 1m Credits
  • Bobafèt - 1,088,507 - 1m Credits
  • Ba'heed - 1,083,115 - 1m Credits
  • Toja-vega - 631,727 - 1m Credits
  • Smellycatus - 589,640 - 1m Credits
  • Blinx - 534,431 - 1m Credits
  • And'ra - 507,677 - 1m Credits
  • Tybery - 476,136 - 1m Credits
  • Cu'thalion - 411,344 - 1m Credits
  • Nyessa - 406,672 - 1m Credits
  • Jay Heaven - 381,763 - 1m Credits
  • Galdorius - 373,000 - 1m Credits
  • Teodorre - 363,121 - 1m Credits
  • Baggss - 357,750 - 1m Credits
  • Seekat - 203,290 - 1m Credits
  • Morik - 200,555 - 1m Credits
  • Blabla - 185,844 - 1m Credits
  • Starvedweasel - 168,809 - 1m Credits
  • Scorpîîon - 157,891 - 1m Credits
  • Dea tacîta - 154,725 - 1m Credits
  • Argona'th - 153,586 - 1m Credits
  • Zarathüstra - 152,000 - 1m Credits
  • Pinkacidboots - 146,000 - 1m Credits
  • Jay Heaven - 145,203 - 1m Credits
  • Asterio - 140,878 - 1m Credits
  • C'bon - 140,154 - 1m Credits
  • Punchbags - 136,300 - 1m Credits
  • Aashtaroth - 133,214 - 1m Credits
  • Baggss - 126,815 - 1m Credits
  • Honzis - 126,345 - 1m Credits
  • Xasyn - 125,189 - 1m Credits
  • Maliná - 125,062 - 1m Credits
  • C'hico - 122,250 - 1m Credits
  • Tyrande - 121,750 - 1m Credits

Party Time!
You know our motto "blame it on Yoyo"..oops I mean..."work hard play hard" and after two such outstanding victories, March is definitely a month of celebrations to enjoy with tons of great special events scheduled ✌️

Sunday 13:00 GMT - Base Invaders
Tatooine / Corellia / Quesh / Voss / Belsavis / Section X / Hoth / The Black Hole / Makeb / Alderaan
Join our assault against Republic Bases this Sunday to get 15 Achievements for destroying their defenses. Next week we do the same from Rep side and then the 3rd Sunday we'll re-do all the Yavin 4 and Oricon base + PvP achievements. Go signup as there will be limited spaces and we don't run this one often.

Sunday 20:00 GMT - High Roller Lottery
This weeks special High Roller Lottery costs 1 million credits per ticket. The guild seeded the pot with 36 million meaning that a single 1m ticket that wins one of the 3 winning rolls will get you at least 12 million credits! At the time of writing the prize pot has already risen to 58 million. To play just deposit 1m for each ticket you want into the guild bank. The draw is on Sunday at 20:00 GMT. Read how the winners are picked and remember, you can't win if you don't play 😁

Friday 17th: Wookie Olympics
Think you're the best tank/healer/DPS? Prove it in the Wookie Olympics. You can enter 1, 2 or all 3 categories so 3 chances to win. Read about each stage and enter your name to become an Olympian 💪

  • 1st of each role: 5 Million Credits
  • 2nd of each role: 3 Million Credits
  • 3rd of each role: 2 Million Credits
  • Total: 30 Million
Friday 24th - 2v2 PvP Tournament
Now is the time to pick a friend to join our special 2v2 PvP Tournament with. This is based on our monthly 1v1 Tournament and follows the same rules and fight tree structure although as a 2v2 there are some new rules that supersede the originals. Read the new rules and put your name down.

  • 1st Team: 20 million credits & Champion Rank
  • 2nd Team: 16 million credits
  • 3rd Team: 10 million credits
  • Best fight of the night: 2 million credits
Friday 31st: Flashpoint Racers
I invite you all to take part in our 3rd Flashpoint Racers event. On the night just smash through the set of Hard Mode Flashpoints we list as fast as possible and the 3 teams with the fastest combined times win 😀

  • 1st Team: 40 Million Credits
  • 2nd Team: 28 Million Credits
  • 3rd Team: 20 Million Credits
  • Bonus 2m for fastest Flashpoint run of the night

Upcoming Special Events

Raid Team Recruitment
Three of our raid teams are looking for fresh blood to join their ranks.

Ace Squadron: 4/14 - Apply
Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday 19:00-22:00 GMT
The Aces need a ranged DPS. Apply above or contact Roussou / Dr'Burnz in-game.

Dread Squadron: 08/14
Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday 19:00-22:00 GMT
The Dread Raiders need a DPS with a Tank alt. Contact Honzis or Deacon on the site or in-game.

Omega Squadron: 02/14 - Apply
Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday 19:00-22:00 GMT
Omega Squad need a ranged DPS. Apply above or contact No'getta in-game.

Raid Team Updates
It was just a few weeks ago that we formed our 7th raid team Phoenix Squadron and already they have risen to #4 in the rankings. We're not exactly sure what the Yoyo Crafting Company & Co have been adding to the special stims in the bank but clearly it's working! All our raid teams have been making great progress and with the first of the new raid bosses and the big changes to ops gear drops coming at the end of this March there is a lot to look forward to 🌟

Raid Progress

Tonight 😉

Ula Vii / Feb 09, 2017

Seems the planets are aligning as we have two high priority conquest targets just a couple of weeks apart. CZ-198 with a crafting week and 2 weeks later Yavin 4. We don't usually make a big deal about conquest but it is fun to have a blast on certain weeks and now we get two at the same time! For each of these special weeks we are awarding 100 million credits to the top 30 scorers so what are you waiting for? Get going! Wait, I mean finish reading the news post and then get going 😅

  • 1st: 20 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 15 Million
  • 3rd: 10 Million
  • 4th: 5 Million
  • 5th: 5 Million
  • 6th: 5 Million
  • 7th: 5 Million
  • 8th: 5 Million
  • 9th: 5 Million
  • 10th: 5 Million
  • Next 20 All Win 1 Million
Feb 7th: CZ-198 - This Week
You can help us win CZ-198 by crafting War Supplies and Invasion Forces. Every point helps. Burn it all! At the time of writing we are in 4th place with only a small handful of us crafting. If you all join in then we can take the top spot. You can ignore all my characters scores as they don't count in the 100m competition.

Feb 21st: Yavin 4
Be online at 19:00 GMT and join our special conquest events each night. We will be covering a wide range of activities such as group finder raids, flashpoints and several special events including the Ancient Threat 👹

Do not spoil the game!
These are supposed to be fun weeks. Please do not spoil PvP or GSF matches for the rest of the server. You will be removed from the guild if we find you suiciding to end matches early or just idling near the start not contributing. Victory is worthless if we lose ourselves to obtain it.

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


Improved Raider Training: The Cadets
Two nights a week Queen Silver & Darth Cara will each lead an 8 person group through a Veteran/Hard Mode operation, teaching them the basics of being in a raid team and boss mechanics. There will be no rush and you can feel safe to ask your questions without hotheaded hotshots raging about the delay.

These are not fixed raid teams although we hope over time regular groups will form and develop into proper progress raid teams. The first Cadet meeting is Sunday 12th at 19:00 GMT so go read the details and signup.

Class Sessions
Our 4.x Training Session videos helped a lot of people understand their classes better by learning from the best. Although the sessions were recorded, everybody had the chance to be there on the night to ask questions and get tips during the training dummy session at the end. Patch 5.0 brought a lot of changes so now is the time for the new semester to begin! 🎓

I'm currently recruiting speakers, please post a reply in our 5.x Class Training Sessions if you are interested. On top the pride from knowing you helped train the next generation of killers, you also get 5 million credits as a thank you for helping.

Class Mentors
To compliment our new semester of training videos we are starting a guild mentoring program and I invite you to get involved. Our hope is that this will help those who are too nervous to ask questions during a raid as well as make it easy for the experienced people who are juggling classes to get quick answers.

If you are good at your class and don't mind answering questions, inspecting peoples gear and checking them out on training dummies then post a reply in our Class Mentors thread.

I will update the thread with a list of mentors as they come forward and they will get a special tag for their member note to make it easy for people to know who they can turn to with their questions.

Class Guides
Our links page has a recently updated list of over 30 PvE & PvP class guides from Dulfys site as well as the 5.0 Optimised Gear table and a host of other gems.

Our crafting page has a mountain of top level gear available. When you find what you want, speak with the crafter and then mail them the item name and the materials, there is no fee.

Upcoming Events

Cosplay Photo Contest
To play, take a screenshot of your character in cosplay. It should be a famous person or character, not just you role playing as an emo Sith! If enough people vote for yours then you win at being awesome plus you also get a few million credits as a prize. The closing date for submissions is Sunday 19th February 2017.


Rise of the Nightsisters
This Saturday at 19:00 GMT is an evening for all Nightsisters of the guild to unite. This is a girls only event, no males allowed! 🚷

You could be raiding, hunting world bosses, killing meatbags in PvP or a million other things. The activity you do will remain secret so only those in the coven know what goes on within ✨

If you want to join the coven then contact Silver, Moraelin or Insomnia through the site or in-game.

Raid Team Recruitment
Two of our raid teams are looking for fresh blood to join their ranks.

Ace Squadron: 2/14 - Apply
Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday 19:00-22:00 GMT
The Aces need 2 ranged DPS. Apply above or contact Roussou / Dr'Burnz in-game.

Omega Squadron: 02/14 - Apply
Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday 19:00-22:00 GMT
Omega Squad need a ranged DPS. Apply above or contact No'getta in-game.

Raid Team Updates
This week saw almost every squad make minor progress with the big pulse on the radar being Shadow Squadron who cleared both Denova Explosive Conflict and Scum & Villainy, putting them one raid behind Dragons! Great job team ✌️

Raid Progress

3-Winner 100k Guild Lottery
This weeks lottery prize pot was 65.6 million with each wining roll netting them 21.86 million credits! The winners were: Septima(163), Cara(213) and Tech Nique(252). New lottery begins in 2 weeks. You can read the full details of how the winners are picked on the lottery page. Play to win!

Weekly Conquest Competition
We encourage people to get the highest conquest score each week by offering rewards for the top 3 point earners and an additional prize to the person with the highest individual character score. On top of that we reward 100k credits for each 100k points and a bonus 250k credits for each 500k and as a special extra, everyone listed below can claim a reward from the Prizes vault of our guild bank 🏆

This weeks winners are:

  1. Xefi: 297,919
    • Wins the Legendary rank of "Minister of War"
    • Wins a cartel pack
    • Wins 1 Million Credits✌️
    • Wins bonus 200k credits for 100k credits per 100k points
    • Wins highest single char score bonus 300k credits
  2. Cold Blooded: 182,892
    • Wins 600k
    • Wins bonus 100k credits for 100k per 100k
  3. Master Craftsman Hydrazine: 145,734
    • Wins 300k
    • Wins bonus 100k credits for 100k per 100k

Toying with people 😉