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DPS Club
Stroke my Wookie DPS Club

Join the Stroke my Wookie DPS Club to show us where you stand in the rankings and see what kind of numbers you should be aiming for. There are some great rewards for those that do well:

  • The #1 DPS in both the Top 40 boards will have the honour of wearing the Champion rank in-game and on the website for the duration of their reign
  • The top 5 in both of the Top 40 boards win a bonus prize of their choice from our guild banks Prizes vault
  • The top player for each of the Top 5 class boards will receive the Legend rank in-game and Damage Master rank on the website
  • All the current Champions and Damage Masters have their names and scores displayed in our Guild Heroes box on our homepage so all can see their great achievement
  • Prizes will be awarded on the last weekend of each month to the people holding the top 5 spots at that time however the titles and rank will be given ASAP

We have a top 5 for each class and then two Top 40 boards. The first is the Vanilla board which has a bunch of rules. The second is our Crazy board which has no parse rules except that you can't hack your combat log! If you are not interested in the Crazy board then you just need to submit one parse. Depending on your score you could still appear on both boards. If you do want to submit a special Crazy parse then just make a note of it in your submission. The sky is the limit. Play well ✌️

  1. Make sure you have combat logging enabled in Preferences->Game->Combat Logging:Tick "Combat Logging to File"
  2. Equip your ship operations training dummy with the 2.5 million HP mod which you buy from the ship legacy droid
  3. You can use the 20% armor buff
  4. Only buffs you can provide yourself are allowed
  5. Adrenals, stims and medpacs are allowed
  6. No cybertech crafted grenades allowed
  7. Certain buffs are not allowed:
    • You cannot use other peoples abilities including class buffs
    • No heroic moments!
    • No Nightmare Pilgrim buff
    • No Membrosia Orbs
    • No building stacks on another dummy or person before starting the parse
  8. If what you are doing can not be seen in the parse log then it is not allowed
    • Things like Kolto Shot to build merc stacks and being specced into Brooding on mara are acceptable
  9. You can ignore rules #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8 if you are submitting a Crazy Parse. Everything goes except hacking your combat log!
  10. Your character must be in Stroke my Wookie and this must be displayed on the Parsely website
    • Exemptions
    • These players can submit parses for characters not in the guild however they must still display the guild tags in the parse
    • These are well established guild members who actively participate in guild activities on a regular basis
    • The Damage Club Leaders will decide who is added/removed from the exemptions list
    • Blabla
    • Harry
    • Louis
  11. All boards are wiped clean each time there are class changes that alter any damage output done by any class, this is decided by discussion at the very rare times this happens
  12. Defeat the dummy and then upload your log to the Parsely log parser site. Combat logs are stored in My Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic\CombatLogs
  13. If you do 8000+ DPS then make a new thread in the DPS Club forum with:
    • Advanced class
    • Specialization
    • DPS
    • Link to your log on the Parsely website
    • Point out if it is a parse specifically for the Crazy board

You can enter multiple characters but you can only enter each character once per spec. For example, your Marauder could be listed twice, once for their best in Annihilation and once for their best in Carnage. The DPS score you post is the best for that character in that spec and will replace their previous score.

It's worth entering to say "this is where I am now" and then as you improve your skills you can submit your latest parses to see yourself move up in the rankings. Sometimes it's just a class thing but you can still aim to be the best in your class.

Contact Flava'h or Ulavii and they will discuss it with the other officers. If further investigation is required then Flava'h and one of the officers will group up with the accused and they will have the opportunity to prove themselves on their own ship dummy. Cheating is a serious offense that in most cases will result in a guild kick.

Top 5 Marauder

Jeo'jo 10502.92 Fury
Aba'donn 10220.98 Carnage
Blablajeroen 9440.24 Fury
Gelious 9055.5 Annihilation

Top 5 Juggernaut

Winky 10106.14 Vengeance
Winky 9662.36 Rage
Tizia 9654.8 Vengeance

Top 5 Powertech

H-man 10191.08 Advanced Prototype
Louis 9810.06 Advanced Prototype
Blablajeroen 9659.15 Pyrotech
Blablajeroen 9586.67 Advanced Prototype
Jeo'jo 9578.56 Advanced Prototype

Top 5 Mercenary

Annabel Blázy 9840.43 Innovative Ordnance
Acadamia 9829.14 Innovative Ordnance
Blablajeroen 9678.8 Innovative Ordnance
IDF1264 9561.44 Innovative Ordnance
Kremílek 9461.99 Innovative Ordnance

Top 5 Sniper

Louis 10356.57 Engineering
Sygrlin 10152.48 Engineering
Louis 10102.32 Virulance
Kaffesugen 9943.17 Virulance
Sygrlin 9814.8 Virulance

Top 5 Operative

Jeo'jo 10422.3 Lethality
Quorra'ns 10201.79 Lethality
Louis 9802.43 Lethality
Ækim 9758.88 Lethality
Nimblus 9733.28 Lethality

Top 5 Sorcerer

Obsidian Killer 9625.93 Madness
Blablajeroen 9535.63 Madness
Louis 9498.12 Madness

Top 40 Parses

1 Jeo'jo 10502.92 Marauder Fury
2 Jeo'jo 10422.3 Operative Lethality
3 Louis 10356.57 Sniper Engineering
4 Aba'donn 10220.98 Marauder Carnage
5 Quorra'ns 10201.79 Operative Lethality
6 H-man 10191.08 Powertech Advanced Prototype
7 Sygrlin 10152.48 Sniper Engineering
8 Winky 10106.14 Juggernaut Vengeance
9 Louis 10102.32 Sniper Virulance
10 Kaffesugen 9943.17 Sniper Virulance
11 Annabel Blázy 9840.43 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
12 Acadamia 9829.14 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
13 Sygrlin 9814.8 Sniper Virulance
14 Louis 9810.06 Powertech Advanced Prototype
15 Louis 9802.43 Operative Lethality
16 Ækim 9758.88 Operative Lethality
17 Nimblus 9733.28 Operative Lethality
18 Blablajeroen 9679.76 Sniper Engineering
19 Blablajeroen 9678.8 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
20 Winky 9662.36 Juggernaut Rage
21 Blablajeroen 9659.15 Powertech Pyrotech
22 Tizia 9654.8 Juggernaut Vengeance
23 Quorra'ns 9640.91 Operative Concealment
24 Obsidian Killer 9625.93 Sorcerer Madness
25 Leefty 9609.47 Operative Lethality
26 Blablajeroen 9586.67 Powertech Advanced Prototype
27 Jeo'jo 9578.56 Powertech Advanced Prototype
28 IDF1264 9561.44 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
29 Ækim 9551.07 Operative Concealment
30 Blablajeroen 9535.63 Sorcerer Madness
31 Tizia 9528.35 Operative Lethality
32 Blablajeroen 9512.22 Sniper Virulance
33 H-man 9507.38 Powertech Pyrotech
34 Louis 9498.12 Sorcerer Madness
35 Kremílek 9461.99 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
36 Blablajeroen 9440.24 Marauder Fury
37 Nimblus 9437.34 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
38 Batmana 9367.97 Powertech Advanced Prototype
39 Ækim 9313.88 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
40 Louis 9305.84 Mercenary Arsenal

Top 40 Crazy Parses

1 Jeo'jo 10502,92 Marauder Fury
2 Jeo'jo 10422,3 Operative Lethality
3 Louis 10356,57 Sniper Engineering
4 Aba'donn 10220,98 Marauder Carnage
5 Quorra'ns 10201,79 Operative Lethality
6 H-man 10191,08 Powertech Advanced Prototype
7 Sygrlin 10152,48 Sniper Engineering
8 Winky 10106,14 Juggernaut Vengeance
9 Louis 10102,32 Sniper Virulance
10 Kaffesugen 9943,17 Sniper Virulance
11 Annabel Blázy 9840,43 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
12 Acadamia 9829,14 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
13 Sygrlin 9814,8 Sniper Virulance
14 Louis 9810,06 Powertech Advanced Prototype
15 Louis 9802,43 Operative Lethality
16 Ækim 9758,88 Operative Lethality
17 Nimblus 9733,28 Operative Lethality
18 Blablajeroen 9679,76 Sniper Engineering
19 Blablajeroen 9678,8 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
20 Winky 9662,36 Juggernaut Rage
21 Blablajeroen 9659,15 Powertech Pyrotech
22 Tizia 9654,8 Juggernaut Vengeance
23 Quorra'ns 9640,91 Operative Concealment
24 Obsidian Killer 9625,93 Sorcerer Madness
25 Leefty 9609,47 Operative Lethality
26 Blablajeroen 9586,67 Powertech Advanced Prototype
27 Jeo'jo 9578,56 Powertech Advanced Prototype
28 IDF1264 9561,44 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
29 Ækim 9551,07 Operative Concealment
30 Blablajeroen 9535,63 Sorcerer Madness
31 Tizia 9528,35 Operative Lethality
32 Blablajeroen 9512,22 Sniper Virulance
33 H-man 9507,38 Powertech Pyrotech
34 Louis 9498,12 Sorcerer Madness
35 Kremílek 9461,99 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
36 Blablajeroen 9440,24 Marauder Fury
37 Nimblus 9437,34 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
38 Batmana 9367,97 Powertech Advanced Prototype
39 Ækim 9313,88 Mercenary Innovative Ordnance
40 Louis 9305,84 Mercenary Arsenal