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Stroke my Wookie

We are a SWTOR Imperial guild on the "Darth Malgus" EU server and we have members from the Core Worlds all the way to the Unexplored Regions which means we cater for a lot of different tastes.

Some people just do Flashpoints, others enjoy the challenge of raiding, a few focus on leveling up characters to see the different stories and lots of us love the action of PvP and Starfighter combat. As well as catering to all our guild members interests we also offer them many benefits.

We actively take part in the weekly conquest event which sees us compete against other guilds to claim ownership of planets. We encourage all our members to join in but it is not compulsory. You can read more on our conquest page.

Our officers are happy to answer any questions you may have, just shoot them a message in-game. If you are not a member yet but want to join us then sign up here.

Ula Vii / Jul 02, 2021

Congratulations Wookies, this week marks 9 years since our guild formed which is an incredible feat! We've continued to go from strength to strength and now span 3 guilds, we have 13 raid teams, 10+ scheduled events each week and some of the richest players on the server thanks to our big credit rewards. 🏆

None of this would be possible without our fantastic officers working together to help you have the best time possible as the guild would be nothing without you. ❤️

9 Years Of Victories

Play In Our 999,999,999 Lottery
We're having a special lottery this week. 9 winning rolls and the guild adds 999,999,999 credits to the prize pot! Read how to join in.

Friends have come, friends have gone and friends will return again!

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says: I'm possible!"