Stroke My Wookie's Dread Palace Party

Stroke My Wookie: Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus

For over 10 years, Stroke My Wookie was one of the most popular game guilds in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We ran thousands of events for guild members and the wider server community to help people enjoy themselves while making new friends. We hosted over 60 progression raid teams to take down the toughest bosses and we dominated the weekly conquest system. Victory and success went hand in hand as we broke several world records along the way. It was an incredible community to be part of ❤️❤️❤️

10 Years Of World Record Victories

Stroke My Wookie progression raid team logos

- Game Over -

When the devs announced the year of celebrations for the game's 10th anniversary, it helped me realise that ten years of success is an amazing milestone for anything in life and for me it was a wake up call to see what I could do if I spent the next 10 years focusing the same energy on the real world! The time had come for me to close the book of Stroke My Wookie.

After 10 years, I felt that the guild name was bound to me and my leadership style and that if there were to be a successor guild, then it should have a fresh start with a new identity. The officers voted on who would lead the new guild and over the next few weeks we put everything into motion. As we had always been an event focused guild, we embraced the year of celebrations and ran over 50 special events to mark the final chapter in the book of Stroke My Wookie which culminated in our last ever server event; the in-game wedding of Emperor Ula Vii and Grand Moff Lexendra to celebrate our recent real-world marriage! 💍💐

Killer wedding of Emperor Ula Vii and Grand Moff Lexendra

The Force will be with you, always

It's been a great honor and a life changing experience leading the guild for the past 10 years. It was all made possible with the hard work and dedication of our incredible officers. Thank you to each and every one of you across the years for stepping up to help. The support and guidance you provided helped shape the lives of countless people across the world, myself included.

People say it's just a game but it's a game where I made great memories, life long friends and I met my wife. I hope you all find the same happiness that I have. ❤️

Play well, have fun and enjoy yourselves!
~ Ula Vii ~

Stroke My Wookie Dark Council