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Nightmare Crusaders

Date: Jun 24, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 06:45 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Nightmare Crusaders
The Nightmare Crusaders are our all-star nightmare progression raid team formed from the best raiders throughout the guild and other raid teams. Their mission is to clear all the Nightmare x16 raids from the guild progress tracker. The team is led by Flava'h the Master of Nightmares 👹

Is it worth signing up if I am not a Crusader?
The Crusaders are a fixed team but they may need spots filled so do signup if you think you are ready but keep in mind that it is as a backup. If you signup in advance and Flava'h knows that any Crusaders will be missing then he can quickly see who else has said they are available to cover spots and contact you directly.

Keep in mind the group will be doing the most challenging content in the game so please only signup if:

  • You know the raids in at least HMx16 or NMx8
  • Nightmare experience is not necessary as everyone starts somewhere but you must of demonstrated noticeable skill in the HMs
  • Should already understand your class and your gear
  • Must understand the necessity of using Teamspeak & Starparse
  • Must understand when to shut up and focus
  • It's unlikely a guest will be chosen if there are full Crusader signups but if there are spots then it's always good to let the team know you are ready & available by signing up
  • Must enjoy slideshow fights 😅
There are a very small number of people that help lead our general HMx16 raids but we will do our best to provide two raids each Saturday so that those not chosen to join the Nightmare Crusaders can still have a good chance of joining the second group on less difficult content. That is not to say super easy raids, just not NMx16.

How do I join the Nightmare Crusader rank?
Flava'h and our all-star Crusaders will keep an eye out for exceptional players they notice at our other events and raids. Keep in mind that you may be a hotshot but if your attitude means you can't work as part of a focused and friendly team then you won't be invited to join them. You are the only person that can decide how people see you.

One sure shot way to get noticed as a DPS is to join our DPS Club as Flava'h is the Damage Club Leader so he sees and checks all the parses.

Why haven't I been asked to join the Crusaders already?
Do not be upset if Flava'h doesn't track you down, it is a very busy time for us all and the team numbers are intentionally being kept to the ~16-20 range to encourage close synchronous teamwork. If you feel you have been overlooked then please do contact Flava'h directly but please do not be offended if you are not chosen.
Tank (3)

1. Hiriwa Juggernaut

8. Ur'entasa Imperial Agent

10. rafiknoll'si Assassin

Damage (11)

2. Chiannu Mercenary

3. Tybery Sorcerer

4. Thrass Mercenary

5. Argandan Sniper

6. Phantom'Duck Operative

7. Turél Mercenary

9. Wyex Mercenary

11. Detriss Sniper

13. Bigbad Commando(Bigtrooper) Mercenary

14. jeo'jo Mercenary

M. Deyona Mercenary

Support (3)

12. Putikial Mercenary

15. Evolaz Sorcerer

M. Moraelin Sorcerer



i won't be able to attent cause i have a familly wedding
I have my title now so i'll happily tank Revan

I'll be out of town so I can't attend. May the force be with you and not Revan ^_^
I wont be able to attend this raid, i have family coming over and i havn't seen them in ages. Someone else has to step up or we continue Next week!
Like last time, if needed I will be there, but ~15 mins late (which is approx the time you actually start the raid ;)
So is someone taking over for Flava, or do we cancel it today? I would join SnV run in that case...
Well I can yell at people on Flava'h's behalf, but I'm not going to remember all the stuff the healers need to do :( especially if we have replacements who need a detailed explanation!!

I suggest those who can come meet at start time and we see how many we have and make a group decision then if we roll with it or cancel.
I've killed revan enough many times that i can help with any tactics that are needed.
11/16 on TS, took a quick poll and decided to go for Rav 16HM to get some progress down on that. Revan next week!

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