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Suicide Squad

Date: Oct 10, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Suicide Squadron
These raids are for Suicide Squadron members only, read more about the squad here. Ask Accipiter Nisus or Coram if you think you are ready to join the Suicide Squad 😎

You can see the current Suicide Squadron roster here.
Tank (2)

5. Angblack Assassin

6. Wanda'Maximoff Powertech

Damage (5)

2. Gelious Marauder

4. NumΓ©ro Deux Sniper

7. Sindisil Sniper

M. Marsh Mellow Mercenary

M. Selhet-Sinh Juggernaut

Support (2)

1. Accipiter Nisus Sorcerer

3. Briareus Mercenary



I will be present if you want to test me as potential teammate dps.
Thank you,

i did reply you by private message on the forum, for today we are good and i read your messages in game.
I set myself to No since I'm not enough geared for this!
Marsh Mellow
You seem to have full group already, so I'll just hang around when you begin and see if someone forgets to come.
you are in trial yet so you have priority on other that ask a trial
Hello guys! I will be there put it on maybe since I am not a member, and btw my gear is still far from top )
we would like to have a try with you so you will ride with us tonight.
Marsh Mellow
I've been trying to connect to server for 30 mins now, no luck. There's still an hour until raid time, but doesn't look good.
try a restart, sometime the update make crazy the update software and block the full client, with a computer restart it solve

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