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*Afternoon* PvP Massacre: Alderaan, Corellia, Makeb, Black Hole, Belsavis & Quesh

Date: Jan 14, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Fight Club
Time for some more Planetary PvP achievement kills. We run two types of PvP server events:

  • PvP War - Large group battle royals
  • PvP Massacre - Large groups take turns
Today's event is a PvP Massacre which will cover:

  • Alderaan: 1000 Kills / 4 Achievements
  • Corellia: 500 Kills / 4 Achievements
  • Makeb: 500 Kills / 6 Achievements
  • The Black Hole: 500 Kills / 4 Achievements
  • Belsavis: 500 Kills / 4 Achievements
  • Quesh: 500 Kills / 4 Achievements
This is also another chance to get both the Party/Celebration Jawa achievements and the HK-51 500 player kills cleared. It's worth coming even if you these achievements already as the kills still count towards your 50k Manhunter title.

How to join in
Signup below and then on the day join us in teamspeak.

We've opened this as a server event so make sure to tell your friends. They do not have to join the guild to be on the event.
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As usually will be on rep side.
As usually I will be on a Rep toon. FOR THE REPUBLIC!
I will be about 30 min late.
Tracyn Cadera
LOL you say that every time :P
Because it's usually true! :-)
I can go on rep side if needed
Can only join for an hour unfortunately. If that's a problem let me know.
I have to go to work at 14:45 UK-time.
I can also go on rep side if needed.
Ula Vii
Wow, that was the longest PvP Massacre ever! 4.5 hours after the first body hit the floor and we were done. We had 3 ops groups on each faction which saw us get 140+ players well over 3500 kills and 26 achievements. Big grats to those who got the "I am death incarnate" achievement 💀

Today's event bring an end to this series of PvP Massacres. Don't worry if you missed out as we run this event every few months. Next week we start another cycle of our Datacron Summons event were we take you to every datacron in the game. I'll post more details about this in a few days.

I would like to say thank you to ula vii and the leaders of the other groups I would never of achieved these achievements on my own and there are so few guilds that are able to organize to this kind of level and coordination and still have the patience's to do it all over again months later I appreciate it thank you.

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