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SMx16 Achievement Run - TfB, S&V & Monoliths

Date: Jan 15, 2018
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Raid Operation Story Mode
Join Dread Lord Cara as he runs you through several of the Story Mode x16 raids each Monday night. The purpose of these events is to get you the achievements for each boss as quickly as possible. These will be the full raids, not final boss lockouts. These raids are not about teaching you the mechanics, they are fast achievement runs. If you want to learn the proper raid mechanics then signup for the Sunday Cadets Raider Training raids.

  • Monday 8th - Eternity Vault + Karagga's Palace + Explosive Conflict + Toborro's Courtyard
  • Monday 15th - Terror from Beyond + Scum & Villainy + Both Ziost Monoliths
  • Monday 22nd - Dread Fortress + Dread Palace
  • Monday 29th - Ravagers + Temple of Sacrifice + Gods from the Machine
After all the SMx16 raids are complete then we will re-run the series as SMx8. We have a fun twist to add to the x8 version but I'll announce that when we switch the event over 😉

Signup order does not guarantee a spot. We will be picking the best team composition from the signups. Our priority is to pick the group with the best chance of completing the operation so please do signup even if you see 16 names listed already.

  • Have StarParse and Teamspeak installed and setup
  • Make sure to be in the "War Room" Teamspeak channel 5-10 minutes before the start time
  • If you can not attend then please give us at least 30 minutes notice before the event start time
    • Change your signup to a No
    • Post a comment here to explain your absence as event organisers may miss whispers
Tank (2)

10. Kinder'Pyro Powertech

13. Vattox Powertech

Damage (11)

2. Geralt Of'rìvia Marauder

3. Sithoutcast Sorcerer

5. archend Sorcerer

6. VOSCH Mercenary

7. Andreasson Juggernaut

8. Natt'hea Marauder

11. Dalgen Sorcerer

14. Farasia Scarlet Marauder

15. Stakr'o Bounty Hunter

M. Tiramisü Mercenary

M. Marsh Mellow Mercenary

Support (6)

1. Leahmana Sorcerer

4. Rikka Operative

9. Two-lom Mercenary

12. Wolfgaze Sorcerer

M. Gray Skull Operative

M. Bhoot Sorcerer



Heal or dps. Also I'm missing only the Monoliths.
Im Ranged Dps Locked out on S&V but i can do Monoliths and TFB

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