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Special Ancient Threat *Ranged DPS Only* (All Tanks/Healers Welcome)

Date: Jan 26, 2018
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: World Event
Last month we tried out Cara's "Merc Reflect Only" idea and whilst it didn't destroy the boss in mere seconds it did show us how much easier and faster the boss is with ranged DPS so this month we're going to try out "Ranged DPS Only". With Mercs only we had most kills under the 5 minute mark with our best for the day being 3m 17s. I think a cool goal will be to beat that this time 😎

We're accepting tanks and healers of all classes but only Ranged DPS. You don't have to be mega geared as we brute force the boss.

As usual, to speed things up and keep it simple we will split the event into three parts.

Part 1
If you want these 2 titles & achievements:

  • Legacy Title: Speaker for the Dead (earned after interacting with all 4 Sith spirits)
  • Legacy Title: Grave Robber (earned after interacting with all 5 talisman)
  • Achievement: Speaker of the Dead
  • Achievement: Talisman Collector
Then follow Dulfy's guide. You can do this in your own time either on your own or in a small group. Not on the actual night of the kill. You need these two achievements to get the Master of the Beyond one from killing the boss.

Part 2
We want 16 competent people to meet up 30 minutes before the kill. We will form two x8 groups to do all the ghosts and talismans. This will give us 16 kill attempts on the boss. What do I mean by competent? I mean people that are not stupider than Jar Jar and that understand "DO NOT CLICK THE GHOST!!!" actually means "do not click the ghost" 😛

Please signup for the Ancient Threat: Ghost Killers event if you want to help us with Part 2.

Part 3
This is the main event and what you should sign up for below. We start by teleporting everybody to Tatooine to get them the buff they need to fight the boss. Then we teleport them all to the boss cave on Yavin 4 to begin our night of Ancient Threat kills.

We will aim to have multiple ops groups. The plan is to do multiple kills so we can rotate the group and get everybody the titles 😈

There are several cool things you get from killing the Ancient Threat:

  • Legacy Title: Ancient Threat (earned after defeating the Ancient Threat)
  • Legacy Title: Master of the Beyond (earned after completing all 3 legacy titles above)
  • Achievement: Ancient Threat No More
  • Achievement: Master of the Beyond
  • Each kill drops 4 Ancient Threat decorations
    • We usually do enough kills that we can give one decoration to each person on the kill at the end of the event however if we have less then we will do /rolls

  • Have StarParse and Teamspeak installed and setup
  • Make sure to be in the "War Room" Teamspeak channel 5-10 minutes before the start time
  • If you can not attend then please give us at least 30 minutes notice before the event start time
    • Change your signup to a No
    • Post a comment here to explain your absence as event organisers may miss whispers
Tank (3)

5. Carä Operative

21. Nordman (Shiira) Juggernaut

M. Rycond Assassin

Damage (28)

2. Karvas Baem Sniper

3. Tiramisü Mercenary

6. Aashtaroth Sorcerer

7. Marsh Mellow Mercenary

8. Vørgín Mercenary

10. Tzar Bomb Sorcerer

11. Asteeda Mercenary

12. Jon'ny Sniper

14. Tártar Sniper

15. Spôôky Mercenary

16. Sabenz Sorcerer

17. Yogheu Sniper

18. Dalgen Sorcerer

19. Zorriata Mercenary

22. Stakr'o Bounty Hunter

24. Eilee'n Mercenary

25. YoyoXcamy Sith Inquisitor

26. Caiban Juggernaut

27. Axehumed Sith Inquisitor

28. Telixa Sorcerer

29. Helimana Mercenary

31. Cerins Sniper

32. Chantaux Imperial Agent

M. Promotion Trooper

M. Galdorion Mercenary

M. Karagga's Palace Sniper

M. Seh'vayah Sorcerer

M. Nimrrod Mercenary

Support (7)

1. Ula Vii Operative

4. Redvelvet C'upcake Mercenary

9. Meliodas Imperial Agent

13. murdertoys Sith Inquisitor

20. Kha'lem Sorcerer

23. Rhaniel Mercenary

30. Wolfgaze Sorcerer



I would like to do the ancient threat but i have work at 8pm Gmt.

I wont be able to stay the full lenght but i really would like to get at least the achievement if that is ok

haven't tanked this one before
I can't make this due to a squad raid but I'm more than happy to tkae someone through the tactics beforehand. Doens't take more than a few minutes - just grab me when you see me and I can hop to Yavin and show you.

Offer open to anyone else who wants to try their hand at tanking
I am signed up as DPS but can always tank if needed
Do you think we have too many healers? Could a few roll dps?
Might be a little late (no more then 10 minutes). If it's a problem, just leave me out of the group 😁
Can bring my sniper but its not in the guild (all my guilded toons are melee...), dont know if that would be an issue, could also heal, but by the looks of it we have enough of those
Healer or dps.
I won't attend finally, I seem to be far away on DPS list to get into and don't have any other role ready on empire side
I am not the leader obviously however based on my experience in the previous runs I joined, I would suggest you to signup with whatever ranged you have in the guild as there are mostly 2 groups created (when there are more people than 24) and they kill the boss by taking turns.

Also I signed up as dps since there were enough healers tho I can just switch back to heals if there are too many noshows.
There is no real limit to number of people we can take on this, i think the ideal amount is 48 but we could take even more if we had the sign ups.
Ula Vii
We beat our record so the new mark is 2m 58s! Next month I think we'll try out my sacrificial lambs idea although I might come up with a more appealing name for it 😅
We could call them 'The Legionnaires' 😀

Don't ask Cara!

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