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*Afternoon* Raid Racers Competition 180m In Prizes!

Date: Jun 24, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations
I invite you all to take part in our Raid Racers event. Just smash through the set of raids listed below as fast as possible and the 3 teams with the fastest combined times win πŸ˜€

  • TfB SMx8
  • Ravager SMx8
  • ToS SMx8
  • Mystery Raid 😱
Prizes (to share among team-mates)
  • 1st: 80 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 56 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 40 Million Credits
  • Bonus 4m for fastest raid run of the night
I will create a special competition page on the site before the event with video boxes for each of the live streams so the spectators can watch the event in real time. This is the streamer page from our previous contest.

  • Make your own team of 8 people who you will be with all night
  • You are allowed a 9th as a replacement and they must be a guild member
  • One of you must write a reply with your team name & roster and you must all signup to this event
  • Complete the set of raids listed above on the night as fast as you can
  • Each team must have at least one person live streaming to Twitch
  • Each team will have their own private channel on our teamspeak server
  • Team members, their replacements and myself are the only people allowed in team channels
  • All competitors must be in teamspeak, you don't have to speak but you do have to listen!
  • We will host a spectators event in teamspeak
  • There will be a 5 minute break in between each Raid
  • You can change character/spec whenever you want
  • All characters must be in the guild and guild tags must be visible in the Twitch streams
  • When the final boss of the raid is dead then all 8 team members must write "Done #team-number" in guild chat
  • The in-game chat box MUST NOT be covered up in the stream
  • The teams final raid duration is based on the time of the last confirmation post
  • If your stream cuts off then your group must stop progress until it resumes
  • If you are running with a stealth team then you must all be unstealthed at the start so we can see you in the stream
  • The maximum duration for each raid is the time it takes the first team to complete + 10 minutes
  • Only Stormtroopers and above are allowed to enter this contest
  • We will not wait for late people so pick your team mates wisely!
  • No cheating! If you are unsure if your super secret plan counts then ask me privately
  • Please remember to show dignity with victory and failure
At the start of each raid all team members will enter the instance and once all have confirmed they are past the loading screen I will confirm each team is ready to begin and then do the start countdown in guild chat. The timer ends when you have killed the final boss and all 8 team members have written "Done #team-number" in guild chat.

I'm not on a raid team!
That's totally fine. This is not really aimed at raid teams. They are welcome to enter as a team or to enter as individuals who are members of teams created just for this event. Signup and post a comment with what roles you can handle.

Good luck 😎
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