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*Afternoon* Openworld PvP Massacre: Oricon + Yavin 4

Date: Jun 24, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Fight Club
Time for some more Planetary PvP achievement kills. We run two types of PvP server events:

  • PvP War - Large group battle royals
  • PvP Massacre - Large groups take turns
Today's event is a PvP Massacre which will cover 100 player kills on Yavin 4 followed by the Oricon big 1500. To finish off the day we'll cover both locations base defenses with both factions to get you the "Judged Dread" and "Legend in the making" legacy titles. This is also another chance to get both the Party/Celebration Jawa achievements and the HK-51 500 player kills cleared. It's worth coming even if you these achievements already as the kills still count towards your 50k Manhunter title.

How to join in
Signup below and then on the day join us in teamspeak.

We've opened this as a server event so make sure to tell your friends. They do not have to join the guild to be on the event.


Tulak Bored
watching foo's in london saturday night so depends if i'm back or not
any chance to start doing this and to other planets? example Czerka that need almost same amount? saying coz is 2nd time that we do this in a row.
Ula Vii
We'll be doing CZ in July.
Ula Vii
Today's event may not happen as the signups are very low. We want at least 2 full ops group to make this happen in any kind of reasonable time. Seems to be a combo of football season and summer vacations. Either way we'll push ahead with CZ in July and can reschedule Yavin + Oricon for a later time.

I will try and form the groups from those in guild and from both fleets but if we don't get the 2 ops group minimum then I'll call it so everyone can enjoy the afternoon in other ways.
Do you mean 24 on each side or 48 on each side?
Ula Vii
24 on each side
Thanks again it was fun :)
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