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Cadets: Raider Training

Date: Oct 14, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Retro Raid
Cadets is a weekly Sunday event where master raiders Silver & Cara train people with the commonly used tactics for all raids currently available in game. These are the hard mode tactics that are usually used for guild raids, and will stand you in good stead for most pugging opportunities, and give you a solid basis for a raiding career.

Make sure to read Silver's full post about the Cadets as it explains everything you need to know:

Tank (2)

2. Mamma Morte Juggernaut

3. Hristina Assassina Assassin

Damage (7)

1. Mograz (α) Assassin

4. Alexmalak Marauder

5. Cpt Marvel Sorcerer

6. Liuus Marauder

7. Slash Ignore Sorcerer

8. Zhiani Mercenary

9. Zhorbinger Sniper

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After no raid last week (7th) my team will be doing the postponed Styrack sm and as much SnV HM as possible this week, with the remainder next week.

PLEASE let us know in advance if you won't make it as we hate cancelling raids, and would much rather be able to line people up to fill the spots.
My team has been plagued by persistent attendance issues recently and only one has responded to enquiries as to whether they wish to pursue cadets. I am therefore forced to conclude that the other participants are no longer interested and am disbanding my team forthwith, while Mograz will be joining Cara's team.

Thank you to those of you who have kindly given your time and experience to give class-specific advice, to step in when we knew someone would be missing, or simply have been on standby for the inevitable no-shows as we have limped along the last few weeks. I greatly appreciate your assistance and the time and effort you have put into helping.
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