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*Canceled* *Afternoon* Wookie Olympics

Date: Sep 23, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations
I'm pleased to announce the return of our world famous Wookie Olympics, the place to show everyone why you are the best!

Depending on time we will have two variations of this event on the same day. The first variation is the new competitions. If we storm through those really fast then we'll include the competitions from our original Wookie Olympics.

New Competitions

Healing Stage
  • Ancient Threat - 3 Tanks and rest of the group as healers
  • 1 healer does not count as they handle cleanses but the other 20 do count for the challenge
  • 3 minute timer starts when the boss is summoned
  • We do 3 summons of the boss so healers get 3 attempts to get the best score
  • Starparse will be used to judge highest effective healers within the time limit
  • The EHPS will be combined for the 3 rounds and the top 3 highest scorers will win:
    • 1st: 5 Million Credits + Chance Cube
    • 2nd: 3 Million Credits + Chance Cube
    • 3rd: 2 Million Credits + Chance Cube
DPS & Tank Stage
  • We use Lucky the Corellia world boss as our punching bag for the day
  • For each pull we have 1 tank and rest of group as DPS
  • So tank #1 steps up to the plate and attacks the boss and the timer begins
  • The tank and DPS attack at the same time. Everyone has 10 seconds to build up agro then the competition actually begins. The timer starts and the DPS have 1 minute to take the boss off the tank
  • If the tank can keep the boss for 1 minute then the tank wins a prize
  • If a DPS takes the boss off the tank in that 1 minutes then that DPS wins a prize
  • No taunts after the 10s timer
  • After either of those two goals is achieved then we stop attacking the boss so it resets and the next tank steps up to the challenge
  • Each tank gets 3 attempts but we rotate after each attempt
  • The prize for each winning tank and DPS is 1 Million Credits + Chance Cube
  • You can win more than once

Old Competitions

DPS Stage
  • Everyone in one big ops group attacking the guild's Rishi ops training dummy
  • We do a countdown, you begin and stop at 5 minutes
  • Combat logs are uploaded to Parsely and trimmed to same time range
  • Winners are decided based on Highest Total Damage, not Damage Per Second
Tank Stage
  • Each tank takes a turn to stay alive the longest with no healing
Healing Stage
  • One at a time, keep me alive the longest as I take storm damage inside Scum & Villainy Nightmare 😎

Prizes For Old Competitions
Separate prizes paid to top 3 of each stage
  • 1st: 5 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 3 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 2 Million Credits
  • Total: 30 Million

How do I join in?
Signup below and then put a reply in the comments saying which characters you will be bringing for each stage. Characters have to be in the guild to join in.

Do I have to enter every stage?
Ha no way! We'll have separate winners and prizes for each stage but it would be really nice if you stayed around to support your fellow wookies after your stage has finished.

  • The character(s) you participate with must be in Stroke my Wookie
  • There is no entry fee
  • Level 70 only!
  • All contestants must be running Teamspeak and have it installed and tested before the contest start time. You don't have to speak but you do have to listen.
  • Everybody needs to be in the same Starparse group for all stages
  • No resets for disconnected people
  • The order of the stages will be decided on the night
  • During the tank/DPS stage no taunts are allowed after the 10s timer
  • Your companions will have to wait outside, we don't want them here! (no companions)
  • Spectators are there to watch, do not use your abilities on them!
  • Spectators caught casting on competitors will be punished!
  • No trolling that affects the outcome of matches or distracts the fighters. Ula Vii decides what constitutes trolling. You risk being disqualified/kicked from guild.
  • No cheating of any kind. Ula Vii decides what constitutes cheating. You will be disqualified and have the shame of being known as a dirty cheat.
  • You get one attempt so don't fuck it up!
  • No buffs except your class buffs or those you yourself pop during your attempt
    • Examples of what is OK: Stims, adrenals, medpacs, Membrosia Orbs, Fleet Dummy Terminal
    • Examples of what is not OK: Nightmare Pilgrim Buff, other peoples class buffs, Nightmare Crystal
Attending (7)
Maybe (2)

M. Seh'v

M. Evolaz

Declined (3)


Is Lucky immune to taunts? Otherwise the tank/DPS stage doesn't make much sense to me. Seems like the first DPS that taunts wins.

There also doesn't seem to be a way to compete both as a tank and as a DPS...

(I will update later if I'm able to come and which chars I'll bring)

Edit: I'll bring Wyex for healer competition.
Luky is afaik not immune to taunts, I would assume after the 10-second "buildup" neither side is allowed to use taunts, I would guess you can compete a DPS and Tank, simply relog when it' your turn to be the Tank and then go back to DPS.
I try to avoid making assumptions, and the "no taunts" rule is not specified.

If that is the case though, then I would like to know, will the tank receive healing?

And what about tank gear? Tank threat has been buffed recently. If I bring DPS gear, I highly doubt the DPS stand a chance.
Ula Vii
Heh, the challenges for the new Olympics were discussed in the officer forum over a month ago and nobody pointed out the taunt or healing issues.

  • I'll add a rule about no taunts after the 10s
  • I'll heal the tank & DPS and any other healers that want to help out are welcome
Gear is up to the tank to decide. If you think DPS gear means you are guaranteed to win then go for it.

You can compete as a tank and a DPS by relogging in between rounds.
I will be bringing Stornila for the healing stage.
if im up at this hour ill try to login and join it, not sure cause work nights weekend so usually i wake up late and tired. evolaz as healer if im on
Will try to participate but it'll depend how healthy i feel, else im just gonna spectate :)
Ula Vii
Sorry everybody, the event is canceled for now. Too few signups and a certain major issue with the DPS/Tank stage are the main factors. I wrote a forum post explaining things in more detail and I ask that you check it out and post your suggestions to improve things for next time there. Thank you and sorry about the late cancellation. Help improve the Wookie Olympics
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