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*Afternoon* Lexendra Desecrates Gods From The Machine HMx16

Date: Jan 19, 2019
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Raid Operation Hard Mode
Join our night of droid carnage as we dismantle the false Gods from the Machine HMx16. These are very tough fights in HMx16 and so far we've only cleared Tyth but with your help tonight will see the rest fall.

Signup order does not guarantee a spot. We will be picking the best team composition from the signups. This is hard content and our priority is to pick the group with the best chance of completing the operation so please do signup even if you see 16 names listed already.

Tank (1)

1. Zayxra Juggernaut

Damage (10)

3. Arctarleon Juggernaut

4. Tártar (α) Sniper

8. hutthumper Mercenary

9. JohnKar Sith Warrior

10. N'iki Marauder

11. Zara Assassin

12. Korrealis Mercenary

13. Xyzine Marauder

M. Sach'ti Sorcerer

M. Kaj Merid Assassin

Support (5)

2. Sensationell Mercenary

5. Meway Operative

6. Baddude Sis Sorcerer

7. Wolfgaze Sorcerer

M. SaintStranger Sith Inquisitor



I would like to attend this, however i haven't done GftM at all (no SM or HM) so will need tactics explained etc. I understand if you take someone else who has an understanding of the raid over me.
Ghos't all the tactics will be read out before each boss so you don't have to worry :) I would recommend reading the guides just to give you an idea
Help me to do Tyth 16 Vet ach pls. I already have done Tyth 8 Vet. Im sure some players who have signed up already have done Tyth 16 Vet. Help your guildmates to do achievements. Dont pass me in sign up order.
I can't give you a guarantee, Johnkar, I don't think that would be fair to others, but I hope I can give you a chance.
heh at least u done hm8, i dint even finis sm16 (miss 2 middle bosses)
I have kiled only 2/5 here on HM
Sorry, i'm out for lunch with my parents on Saturday. Good Luck!
Sorry Lex, I'm not going to be able to kill the cute & fluffy Izax :( Thanks to the baby in the apartment above me. no sleep and a headache that is so bad just opening my eyes is a struggle
Get some rest and see you at another guild event, ok? :)
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