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PvP Training: ~ PvP 101 ~ The Basics

Date: Jan 20, 2019
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: PvP
These are aimed towards players of all skill levels including those who have never had the pleasure of slaying a foe in PvP 💀

Our primary goals are:

  1. Encourage guild members to enjoy more PvP by helping them learn and improve
  2. Produce a helpful training resource that can be referred to by people inside and outside the guild for a long time to come
The leaders for our PvP Training series are Shinra, Snave and Xyzine.

Each Sunday they will cover a different topic by taking you into a challenge mode Warzone where they can teach you without the chaos of a real Warzone exploding around you. They will be answering questions about the topic throughout and anything else PvP related towards the end during the Q&A. To finish the session you will be able to put what you learned into action with some challenge mode matches.

Twitch & Youtube
Snave will be streaming the sessions and he'll upload them to YouTube as well. This way if you can't be there you can watch the live stream and ask questions via chat or you can check out the videos later on.

  • Don't worry about your gear, bolster is your friend (but do work on it!)
  • Have Teamspeak installed and setup
  • Make sure to be in the "PvP" Teamspeak channel 5-10 minutes before the start time
  • You don't have to speak but you do have to listen
  • If you can not attend then please give us at least 30 minutes notice before the event start time
    • Change your signup to a No
    • Post a comment here to explain your absence as event organisers may miss whispers
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I'm very excited 😊
I just want to point out that, as Ula said, we'll be using the Issue Challenge mode.
That's a cool new feature that allows 2 groups of a minimum of 2 players to enter ANY kind of warzone available in the game and start their own private match.
These challenges cannot grant Valor, cxp or anything, they are just simulations.
We find them to be an ideal and friendly environment to show stuff, make a pause to explain, etc.
Again, no skill level required and Snave, Xyzine and me will mainly do the talking before the ending Q&A part, so don't be shy and jump in!
Cheers 😁
although very interested I can't make it at that time b/c I've got raid with Aces 😩
I am very interested to join, but I might need to work. Should i manage to free up some time I would love to join.
looks like a fantastic event, but sadly clashes with raiding time :<
I am going to be late - so don't wait. This week (all off numbered atm) the start time is about 1h too early for me. But if there's room I can join when I log on.
If cadets run doesn't happen, I'll join

EDIT Sorry, irl emergency to handle tonight, will hold me past raid time :(
I've changed my attendance to "maybe", as I'll have to drive by a friend, who can take a look at my laptop. I can't say how long that will take, hence the change of status. But I'll do my outmost to be there on time. :)
I'd like to come. Just forgive me if I forget it. These days, I forgot a lot
getting old? 😛
Don't think I'll be back from the Hospital for the start so may have to watch online later
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