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*Early Evening* Sach'ti Desecrates Gods From The Machine Story Mode

Date: Feb 11, 2019
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Raid Operation Story Mode
Join our annihilation of the rebellious droids in Gods From The Machine Story Mode x16. This will be the full raid on Story Mode x16 and it will be done using HM tactics where possible.

Signup order does not guarantee a spot. We will be picking the best team composition from the signups. Our priority is to pick the group with the best chance of completing the operation so please do signup even if you see 16 names listed already.

Bounty Hunter (4)

2. Firespin Mercenary

4. Galdorion Mercenary

7. Phineax Mercenary

12. Patacia Mercenary

Imperial Agent (3)

14. Storvía Sniper

16. Nio Kassia Sniper

M. AlexReese Sniper

Jedi Consular (1)

15. I'm Skeletor Shadow

Sith Inquisitor (6)

1. Sach'ti Sorcerer

3. Wolfgaze Sorcerer

5. kanowen Sorcerer

6. Xantonin Assassin

8. Nairenn Sith Inquisitor

M. Axehumed Sith Inquisitor

Sith Warrior (5)

9. NemoAZ Marauder

10. Emanuil Juggernaut

11. Aethrea Sith Warrior

13. Ghos't Sith Warrior

M. Seh'vanya Juggernaut



Will we be able to do this in two hours? Because I signed up for both the GoTM and the Late Start raid.
We finnished in 2h last time but that without wipes
Ula Vii
Yes, this one is set so early to give everyone time to complete it, have a break and then join the other event later on.
Had to change to "no", need to cover for a coworker at that time.
i hope im done with work by then and not bone tired:)
I can come as a healer or dps.
I'm not sure if i will be able to leave work as early as i expected, so i am changing my status to maybe.

In case i can't get home in time, good luck and have fun.
backup - ill be around in game at that time, feel free to poke me if not enough people show up
nearly sure i will not be done in time,set to no:(
I can come on any role though only my sniper is in either guild atm
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