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Lexendra Desecrates Gods From The Machine HMx16

Date: Mar 13, 2019
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Raid Operation Hard Mode
Join our night of droid carnage as we dismantle the false Gods from the Machine HMx16. These are very tough fights in HMx16 and so far we've only cleared Tyth but with your help tonight will see the rest fall.

Signup order does not guarantee a spot. We will be picking the best team composition from the signups. This is hard content and our priority is to pick the group with the best chance of completing the operation so please do signup even if you see 16 names listed already.

Bounty Hunter (8)

2. Lexendra Mercenary

3. Thats all fake news Mercenary

5. Sensationell Mercenary

6. Nedjer Mercenary

7. Mandalór Mercenary

9. Iroland Mercenary

14. zaz'zinia Powertech

M. Phineax Mercenary

Imperial Agent (4)

11. Tártar (α) Sniper

13. secyon Sniper

M. Seeki Operative

M. Kim Jong-heal (ß) Operative

Sith Inquisitor (6)

4. Handor Assassin

8. Wolfgaze Sorcerer

10. Eltaurus Sorcerer

15. hyaka Assassin

M. Malkizid Assassin

M. Sach'ti Sorcerer

Sith Warrior (2)

1. Shayish Marauder

12. JohnKar Sith Warrior



can be tank 252/dps 258
Can be tank or dd (258). Did Tyth at 8 Vet dozens of times.
Changed to maybe since i go to cinema and i an not sure i will make it back in time
As I mentioned yesterday to Lex, I've signed off...I'd cut my right thumb and it hurts when I press G13, G14, G16, G17, G19 and G20 buttons on my mouse. :)
get well again and buy a new mouse without those buttons:)
Nah, this G600 is one of the best investments I've ever made 😀
Taking my cat to vet. Noticed blood in his stool. Very worried. Not sure when we will be back. 😨
hope ist not so bad as it looks 😟
cant come, still stuck at work. sry :'(

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