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Special: All For One 5-Winner Lottery

Date: Mar 17, 2019
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Lottery
I've had an idea for a brand new lottery which may replace our current regular one. I want to test it with a special one off lottery I have creatively called the "All For One Lottery" 💰

  • Each character can only buy one ticket
  • Each ticket costs 1 million credits
  • You can play using both Alpha and Beta guild banks
  • Starts: Can start buying tickets after the Tuesday 12th March weekly reset time
  • Ends: Deposit your ticket fee into the Alpha or Beta guild bank before 20:00 GMT/UTC on Sunday 17th March
  • The prize pot is split among the characters who win the 5 winning rolls
  • The guild will add 111 million credits to the prize pot
  • You don't have to be online to win as all prizes are be sent in the mail
  • You can join our group on the Alpha guild ship at the draw time to see the /rolls live
  • Entry into the lottery is only open to players aged 18 or older
Expand the spoiler if you want to know how the winners are decided

  • Open the guild banks Ledger page and sort the current week:
    • First by the "Name" column - A at the top
    • Secondly by the "Deposit" column - Most credits at the top to filter out the 0 rows
  • Screenshot the Ledger page and continue using that instead of the live bank
    • This way tickets bought after the cut-off time don't mess up the draw /roll
  • I make an operations group in Alpha guild and invite anybody that wants to see the draw live
  • Count the total number of tickets bought in both Alpha and Beta guilds
  • I then do /roll #number-of-tickets five times
  • Then it's just a case of counting the tickets (ledger rows) top-to-bottom Alpha-to-Beta to find the winners


Ula Vii
Prize pot is over 150 million already! Still time to buy your ticket in either Alpha or Beta guild bank.
Ula Vii
Congratulations to our 184m special 5-Winner All For One Lottery winners: Brecthor, Ieti, Anyqa, Nebettaury and Wasmuaria 💰
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