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Mass Datacron Summons

Date: Jun 09, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: World Event
Over the next five Sunday afternoon's at 13:00 BST and we will be summoning you to every datacron in the game (except the 2 you have to solo). In total this is 98 datacrons including the matrix shards. We are running this as a server event so make sure to signup to save a spot as there will be limited spaces.

The only requirement is that the character you join with must have access to their personal starship so you can accept the summons.

Sunday 12th 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
23 Datacrons - Alderaan: 5 / Balmorra: 5 / Hoth: 5 / Hutta: 3 / Ilum: 5

Sunday 19th 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
23 Datacrons - Korriban: 3 / Makeb: 2 / Nar Shaddaa: 5 / Quesh: 3 / Taris: 5 / Tatooine: 5

Sunday 26th 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
23 Datacrons - Belsavis: 5 / Corellia: 7 / Dromund Kaas: 5 / Ossus: 2 (3rd is solo only) / Voss: 4 (5th is solo only)

Sunday 2nd 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Republic
21 Datacrons - Balmorra: 5 / Coruscant: 5 / Ord Mantell: 3 / Taris: 5 / Tython: 3

Sunday 9th 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
5 Datacrons - Rishi: 4 / Imp Fleet: 1 (Counts for Rep fleet as well)
Attending (10)
Maybe (4)
Declined (0)




For Imp fleet datacron, I ll try to be there on time.
Because I have been removed from guild, due to inactivity, my alt which is parked at the door of fleet datacron, names "Robotnic"
I have been looking for you. check ingame to get a re-invite
Ula has sent me an email, in game, for any time re invite.
I don't think I ll need it right now. Besides I ll come just for helping with the fleet datacron.

In any case, you will saw me shouting your name in general chat :P
Hristy Ninja
I won't be able to join on the last run, cause I have to attend colleague's wedding :/
Find 3 more for the door at the fleet and I ll pull you other day.
Just send me a message here. Not in the game
Leranna Fel
Will be joining as "Leral Fel" (my alt) if I manage to get back in time...
Ula Vii
Hi all, will need some volunteers with the fleet datacron if any of you can help. Need 3 people to stay by the bridge controls, 1 to stay next to the shield button and 1 to get both the red and yellow crystals to lower the shield. Please post a reply if you can help.

Edit: From 12:50-14:00 BST
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