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Log Racing Server Event

Date: Nov 29, 2019
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations

The first thing I thought when I saw the special PTS reward of Kai Zykken's MK-85 Log Mount is "we are going to have an awesome racing server event with this" and now the time has come to make that a reality!

This server event will be a series of race courses with prizes for the first 3 winners in each stage so you have plenty of chances to win at being the fastest of the super slow log racers 🐌

I will announce the actual race courses on the day but you can expect at least 5 with two of them being both factions fleets. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Prizes For Each Race Course
  • 1st place wins 10 million credits
  • 2nd place wins 5 million credits
  • 3rd place wins 3 million credits

How Do You Get The Mount
If you played through 10 group activities on the PTS recently you would of received Kai Zykken's MK-85 Log Mount as a reward on the first character you logged into the live server with after patch 6.0 arrived. You can unlock the mount legacy wide via collections for 10CC. Sadly this was a time limited Public Test Server reward so if you didn't get it then you can't join the race itself but you can still come and watch and cheer on your friends.

Log Racing Rules
  • The competition is a server event that is open to players on both factions
  • You don't have to join every stage so if you get back from work late you can still join in
  • Must be riding on your Kai Zykken's MK-85 Log Mount for the duration of the race
  • You can't get off and slow walk past everyone to win!
  • You can't use amplifier mount speed boosts
  • You can't use guild mount perks
  • Legacy speeder piloting boosts are allowed since they won't help you anyway!
  • No quick traveling
  • No summons during the race
  • Must join the special racing in-game chat channel we'll create for the event
  • I recommend you can join us in the Teamspeak server event channel on the day
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Ula Vii
Please note that I have moved the Log Racing Server Event back one week as I was far too swamped with other tasks to give this event the advertising time it really required to go smoothly.

I've cancelled the Ancient Threat that was originally scheduled for this time slot. I'll try to add it again in December.
While in Collection it says you don't have permission to claim the log mount (only if you buy it for 10 CC) in Legacy you can just look up Feats of Strength/Activities and right clicking the mount under Public Activist (Phase 3) unlocks it for any character.
Ula Vii
Sorry everyone, postponing event again. I've been super busy lately and just couldn't put the time into this. Wanted to focus more on guild improvements. Server events can wait their time πŸ˜€
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