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*Afternoon* Character Power Levelling

Date: Dec 08, 2019
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations
We are starting a new regular event series with the initial schedule to be two this month and then 1 each month after that.

The aim is to have a timeslot where anyone who wants to power level their characters up to level 70 can get together and make it happen as quickly and easily as possible. There will be officers there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

During these first two events we will be testing out various methods of leveling from ~70 up to 75.

The current suggestions for best locations/activities are:

  • Balmorra + Hoth Heroics
  • Ads in Karagga's Palace SMx16 before first boss and then exit + reset phase to repeat
  • Umba....nevermind 😋
If you have any suggestions then please post below and let us know. The quicker we can get the method worked out the better.

Can I bring more than one character?
Sure, one of the event leaders is planning on getting two characters to level 75.

Do I need DvL armor?

What's the lowest level character I can bring?
Let's keep it 65+ for now while we're experimenting and then we can see about lower levels later on.

Do I have to be in Teamspeak?
No but make sure you are typing in /g at the event start time to get the attention of the event leaders.
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Still looking for feedback from People that attended this event. I've been running powerleveling and after 30 min or so exp stops. Reloging to an alt works for about 30 min then relog back.

It's not fun doing IT în a 2man group but still :) its Free exp
Hristy Ninja
Yoyo, best is to do Balmora with rested XP. then you go park you char in canteen relog to next one and spam Balmora again. Second is Hoth, but I prefer Balmora. KP I don't like at all.
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