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*Afternoon* Republic Renown Boosting

Date: Jan 25, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 04:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations
We are starting a new mini event series which will span 4 Saturday afternoons. If it proves popular then we may expand it further.

The aim is to speed towards renown 100 with your Republic characters to help you get each of the "Renowned" titles+achievements and to give you a good boost towards the "Everybody Knows My Name" legacy title for reaching 100 with all 8 classes.

Can I bring more than one character?
Sure, at least one of the event leaders is planning on getting all 4 Rep classes to level 100.

Do I need DvL armor?

What will we be doing?
Killing lots of trash. Over and over again. Let's just say that Karagga will be spending a fortune hiring new guards all the time!

What's the lowest level character I can bring?
You have to be level 70 to enter the operation so that's the minimum. You won't get renown points until you hit level 75 but it won't take long to jump the 5 levels.

Do I have to be in Teamspeak?
No but make sure you are typing in our Republic guild chat at the event start time to get the attention of the event leaders.

Can I bring characters which are not in our Republic guild Stroke my Wookiee?
No, this is a guild event for guild characters. You can get an invite before and during the event.
Attending (26)

1. Shinra

2. Carä

3. Silver

4. Athi Ori

5. Atlas

6. Phineax

7. Darknell

8. Jayseh

9. Ireor'reeni

10. Magsel

11. Kyranar

12. Riku

13. Bindair Dundat

14. Chiannu

15. Ubbe

16. Mashyk'll

17. An'llyn

18. Nyessá

19. Dem'mi

20. Django Fett

21. Danyelle

22. Allamaris

23. Khryg

24. Rand'xi

25. Ieti

26. Kym

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Declined (1)


In my testing with 4 people, we found the Entertainers set greatly boosts the amount of renown gained. Its about 1k per person wearing the set depending on mob being killed (i.e. champion mob).

The Entertainers set boosts xp gained for everyone else except you, of which a % is calculated for the renown gains. A combination of DVL 3pc and Entertainers 4pc is also effective. So a few people wearing the set will boost each other.
Where did you test it as we tested it tonight in KP 16m it made no difference to renown at all. Saying that we do also think there may be a hard cap any mob can give XP or renown so the mobs in KP may already be at that cap.
Dark Council did some considerably convoluted testing based on your comment Viz, and we found:

Entertainer set makes NO difference in ops at all, to either renown at 75, or exp at 70, or cq points for anyone.

Entertainer set makes NO difference on Czerka, for either 75 or 70, renown or exp or cq points (may or may not extend to other planets or anywhere else open world?). Tested as both normal group and ops group.

Entertainer set DOES make a difference to renown, exp and cq points in a flashpoint. Seem to all be around 5% increase from one person in the 4 piece. Too late to do exact maths but was a little under 5%.

So, it seems that your test in Umbara was awesome info (and a great help for people going forward), but sadly does not apply to renown farming in KP.

Boo hiss for inconsistent BioWare :(

Edit: we were only 3 so we were unable to test if they stack (one wearer, one 75, one 70), but good news if they do... for the limited scenarios where the set bonus does apply.

Edit part 2: DvL gear does make a difference in KP to both renown and cq points at 75, but we found that even with the full 7 piece it was only giving a bonus of ~4%. So not exactly fabulous, but a small boost nonetheless for those who were able to get it.
Thats a real shame, at least it made that set worth acquiring back then :(
Great initiative! I'll definately join to get 3 classes to 75 and get the renown boost :)

Do you have an idea how long the event will take?
We are planning on just 1 hour each Saturday, its a very boring event if you do it too much so we think an hour each Saturday will not be too boring. Also the event will be finished in time to let people get dinner & such before our normal 7pm guild raids.

When we tested this we got 12 renown levels in 30 mins so if you attend all 4 weeks you should be able to get 1 toon to 100 renown in just 4 hours work.
Will form 2 groups for the farm so still lots of room for sign ups
All Dark Council will be online 15 mins before event start for anyone who needs invites into Rep guild
great event. got 19 renown ranks and 183,000 conquest points
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