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*Afternoon* Republic Renown Boosting

Date: Feb 15, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 04:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations
We are starting a new mini event series which will span 4 Saturday afternoons. If it proves popular then we may expand it further.

The aim is to speed towards renown 100 with your Republic characters to help you get each of the "Renowned" titles+achievements and to give you a good boost towards the "Everybody Knows My Name" legacy title for reaching 100 with all 8 classes.

Can I bring more than one character?
Sure, at least one of the event leaders is planning on getting all 4 Rep classes to level 100.

Do I need DvL armor?

What will we be doing?
Killing lots of trash. Over and over again. Let's just say that Karagga will be spending a fortune hiring new guards all the time!

What's the lowest level character I can bring?
You have to be level 70 to enter the operation so that's the minimum. You won't get renown points until you hit level 75 but it won't take long to jump the 5 levels.

Do I have to be in Teamspeak?
No but make sure you are typing in our Republic guild chat at the event start time to get the attention of the event leaders.

Can I bring characters which are not in our Republic guild Stroke my Wookiee?
No, this is a guild event for guild characters. You can get an invite before and during the event.
Attending (20)

1. Carä

2. Athi Ori

3. Silver

4. Atlas

5. Darknell

6. Kym

7. Jet'Lizzard

8. Magsel

9. Sauvraign

10. Danyelle

11. An'llyn

12. Phineax

13. Deadly

14. Rikos

15. Arundo

16. Khryg

17. Tratus

18. Django Fett

19. Shinra

20. Aluna

Maybe (0)


Declined (1)


I am very interested in joining this event. However, I have no characters in our republic guild. Who can help me transfer 4 of my rep chars to the guild? Thank you for your assistance.
Hi Rikos, I will be around this evening and more than happy to be on rep side for invites. Free from ~5pm GMT - let me know what time would work best for you.
I'll have to go AFK for a bit if/when groceries are being delivered.
Will be tanking.... Again 😛😋
Phin not healing? What heresy is this? 😀
will need a rep. invite
Not a problem Aluna, I will be loggiong onto Alethenya in rep guild in a couple of mins so you can whisper me for a ginv then
missed a reminder and therefore completely forgot about this event. sry.
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