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Big 13 High Roller Blind Guild Lottery

Date: Jun 14, 2020
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Lottery
We have been running the guild lottery for years and given out almost 13 billion credits in prizes! To push us over the line and celebrate so many people winning we'll run a special "Big 13" lottery:

  • High Roller: Each ticket costs 1 million credits
  • Blind: The ledger is turned off for all ranks so nobody knows who bought tickets
  • You can buy as many tickets as you want
  • Deposit your ticket fee into the guild bank before 20:00 BST on Sunday
  • The entire prize pot is equally split among 13 winners
  • You don't have to be online to win as all prizes are be sent in the mail
  • The guild seeds the prize pot with 533 million credits
The following is for those that want to know how the winners are decided:

  • Open the Alpha guild bank's Ledger page and sort the current week:
    • First by the "Name" column - A at the top
    • Finally by the "Deposit" column - Most credits at the top
    • Without both sorts the names will be in random sort order and everyone will see different results
  • Screenshot the Ledger page and continue using that instead of the live bank
    • This way tickets bought after the cut-off time don't mess up the draw /roll
  • Repeat the above process for Beta guild and then add the Beta rows below the Alpha rows
  • Count the total number of tickets bought
  • I then do /roll #number-of-tickets three times
  • Then it's just a case of counting the tickets top-to-bottom to find the winners
In the example below you can see that Costii at the top bought 20 tickets so if the /roll was 1-20 he would win. Theogurt also bought 20 tickets so if the /roll was 21-40 he would win. Easy as that!



Ula Vii
Tonight's lottery prize pot was 1.76 billion credits with each winning roll getting them 135 million credits! The winners were:

πŸ’° Rikachowski x2, Mograz, Lexendra, Shazam, Tellany, Cartel Warmonger, Magygritte, Cakeful Entity x2, Tanking Companion, Maiev Shadowsong and Cassia πŸ’°

Congratulations winners!
so riku won exactly 7 times?
yea boi 😎
Gz Riku. What demon did u sell the soul to? post contact info
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