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*Afternoon* Datacron Summons

Date: Aug 09, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: World Event
Over the next six Sunday afternoon's at 13:00 GMT we will be summoning you to every datacron in the game (except the 3 you have to solo). In total this is 98 datacrons including the matrix shards. We are running this as a server event so make sure to signup to save a spot as there will be limited spaces.

The only requirement is that the character you join with must have access to their personal starship so you can accept the summons.

Sunday 9th August 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
5 Datacrons - Rishi: 4 / Imp Fleet: 1 (Counts for Rep fleet as well)

Sunday 16th August 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
19 Datacrons - Alderaan: 5 / Balmorra: 5 / Ilum: 5 / Hutta: 3 / Onderon: 1 (2nd is solo only)

Sunday 23rd August 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
18 Datacrons - Dromund Kaas: 5 / Mek-Sha: 2 / Voss: 4 (5th is solo only) / Makeb: 2 / Nar Shaddaa: 5

Sunday 30th August 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
17 Datacrons - Corellia: 7 / Ossus: 2 (3rd is solo only) / Belsavis: 5 / Korriban: 3

Sunday 6th September 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Imperial
18 Datacrons - Taris: 5 / Tatooine: 5 / Quesh: 3 / Hoth: 5

Sunday 13th September 13:00 BST (View in your timezone) - Republic
21 Datacrons - Balmorra: 5 / Coruscant: 5 / Taris: 5 / Ord Mantell: 3 / Tython: 3
Attending (13)
Maybe (2)

M. Stewy

M. Malkizid

Declined (0)




Ula Vii
Looking for people to help with tomorrow's datacron server event. We're covering Rishi and Imperial Fleet.

The main event starts at 13:00 BST so I'd like people who can help out to be online so we can co-ordinate everything at 12:45 BST. Expected event duration is about 2 hours.

Please post a reply if you can help with any of the following and I'll add you to the list.


1x Blue Crystal Laser Beam Door Button Pusher

1x To Get Blue + Red Crystals

1x Shield Door Button

3x Bridge Controls

4x Sorcs To Pull Up

x1 To Do Rishi Datacron Quest - Will Provide Guide & Piggy Datapackets
can do bridge or pulling on sorc,but not sure if im on
Ula Vii
Still looking for a few more people to help out with the datacron event tomorrow:

Imperial Fleet
  • 1 more sorc to help with pulling people up to the door
  • 1 more person to stay by bridge controls and let people across throughout event
  • 1 more person to stay next to shield door button and let dead folk run back in, not that we ever drop anyone to their deaths....

Need 1 person to complete most of the Rishi datacron quest. Basically, start doing it when I contact you and get up to the final step. Then wait for me to let you know to trigger it so the datacrons can be revealed. We will provide the piggy datapackets which usually take hours to gather.

Preferably after somebody who has not done the Rishi datacron quest before so you get the "Incredible Smell Discoverer" and "Lord of the Oceans" legacy titles.

Here's the guide:
I can handle bridge controls
Athi Ori
not sure if I'll be home in time, but if I am I can do bridge controls or murd.... extricating people
Can help out with sorc pull or shield if still needed.
I can bring a sorceror for pulling duty or anyone at all for buton mashing duty.
i put in beta guildbank 3 MGGS if someone needs
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