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Millionaire 3-Winner Guild Lottery

Date: Aug 30, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Lottery
We invite you all to play in our Guild Lottery:

  • Each ticket costs 1 million credits
  • You can buy as many tickets as you want
  • Deposit your ticket fee into the guild bank before 20:00 GMT on Sunday
  • The entire prize pot is equally split among 3 winners
  • You don't have to be online to win as all prizes are sent in the mail
  • The guild seeds the prize pot with 30 million credits
  • Entry into the lottery is only open to players aged 18 or older
The following is for those that want to know how the winners are decided:

  • Open the Alpha guild bank's Ledger page and sort the current week:
    • First by the "Name" column - A at the top
    • Finally by the "Deposit" column - Most credits at the top
    • Without both sorts the names will be in random sort order and everyone will see different results
  • Screenshot the Ledger page and continue using that instead of the live bank
    • This way tickets bought after the cut-off time don't mess up the draw /roll
  • Repeat the above process for Beta guild and then add the Beta rows below the Alpha rows
  • Count the total number of tickets bought
  • I then do /roll #number-of-tickets three times
  • Then it's just a case of counting the tickets top-to-bottom to find the winners
In the example below you can see that Zaratech at the top bought 800 tickets so if the winning /roll was 1-800 he would win. Rikachowski bought 500 tickets so if the /roll was 801-1300 he would win. If the winning /roll was 2068 then it would be Hpsorc at the bottom. Easy as that!



Ula Vii
I've boosted our normal 2 week lottery. Now it costs 1 million per ticket (up from 100k) and the guild adds 30 million to the prize pot (up from 20m).

Over the last few years there has been a clear pattern of most people depositing 1m or more with a very small proportion doing less than that. On weeks when we've run the special "High Roller" version of our lottery there was quite an interest when the tickets cost 1m. I think it makes things more interesting as the prize pots tend to be higher so there is more to win. We can always change it back to 100k if the lottery starts to flop but hopefully this will be a nice booster.
you realy make me spend more money on games Ula:D
I like the concept, I will try my luck on this :)
Ula Vii
Congratulations to our 227m Guild Lottery winners: Seh'vayah, Doublelasers and Tishtanao 💰
This is madness, i tell you!
Feel even more endebted to the guild now.
Thank you!!!
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