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*Afternoon* Openworld PvP Massacre Server Event

Date: Nov 22, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Fight Club
It's time to dust off your fedoras, strap on your holsters and prepare for death and glory! It's finally time to re-run our Openworld PvP Massacre server event series where we form one or more ops groups on each faction and take turns butchering each other.

This gets you achievements for each location plus special extras such as the two for the Party/Celebration Jawa and the "Organic Meatbags Decimated" HK-51 achievement (500 kills) and obviously every kill counts towards the elusive 50k "I am Death Incarnate".

Our objectives and schedule are:

Sunday 11th October 13:00 BST
  • Gree Ilum x100 Imp & x100 Rep
  • Oricon x1500 + Both Factions Base Defenses
  • Yavin 4 x100 + Both Factions Base Defenses
  • Get everyone "Judged Dread" legacy title
  • Get everyone "Legend in the Making" legacy title

Sunday 18th October 13:00 BST
  • Belsavis x500
  • Dantooine x400
  • Hoth x500
  • Nar Shaddaa x50

Sunday 25th October 13:00 GMT/UTC (14:00 CET)
  • Mek-Sha x250
  • Onderon x250
  • Ossus x400
  • Quesh x500
  • Rakghoul x100

Sunday 1st November 13:00 GMT/UTC (14:00 CET)
  • Alderaan x1000
  • Black Hole x500
  • Rishi x100

Sunday 8th November 13:00 GMT/UTC (14:00 CET)
  • Corellia x500
  • Tatooine x500
  • Tatooine Outlaws Den x150 (Tougher than you'd expect!)

Sunday 15th November 13:00 GMT/UTC (14:00 CET)
  • CZ-198 x1980

Sunday 22nd November 13:00 GMT/UTC (14:00 CET)
  • Makeb x500
  • Section-X x1000 (Preferred Only)
  • Voss x500

Sunday 29th November 13:00 GMT/UTC (14:00 CET)
  • Iokath x500 (Has some bonus achievements if you prepare in advance)
    • Traitor To Your Own - Defeat 50 Imps as an Imp - (20 Achievements Points)
    • Defeating Your Own - Defeat 50 Reps as a Rep - (20 Achievements Points)
    • The Fire of Aivela - Defeat 50 enemy players as Aivela (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)
    • The Jealousy of Esne - Defeat 50 enemy players as Esne (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)
    • Tyths Rage - Defeat 50 enemy players as Tyth (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)
    • Walking All Over Them - Defeat 50 enemy players as a walker (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)

How to join in
Signup below and then on the day join us in Teamspeak and on either Republic & Imperial Fleets at the event start time. The only week we'll be swapping factions is week 1 which has achievements for both factions with Ilum, Oricon and Yavin 4. The rest of the events you will stay on the same character. As usual, we'll balance the factions on each day.

You will need a character that is able to accept a summons which means you need to have completed the story to the point that you can access to your personal starship. You will need one on both factions if you want all the Oricon and Yavin 4 achievements.

We've opened this as a server event so make sure to tell your friends as we won't be running this one again for a few months. They do not have to join the guild to be on the event.
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Ula Vii
Well done for last week everybody, we quickly and easily cleared the biggest of the kill locations by clearing CZ-198 woohoo! This week we're covering:

Makeb x500 / Voss x500 / Section X x1000 (Preferred Only)

We will leave Section X until the end as it can only be accessed by subs or preferred players who used the authorisation token.

Make sure to signup and turn up on time as if you miss out it will be another 6 months or so before we run the event series again 😀

Screenshots From Last Week

Might be 15-20 mins late. Hopefull I will make it!
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