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Brutal Raid: Xanthene Eliminates Monolith HMx16

Date: May 09, 2021
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Event
Welcome to our Brutal Raid series. These are different from the general raids we normally run because there will be very little room for error as you are expected to be an ace with your class and to already know all the mechanics for the raid. If somebody can't keep up with the group numbers wise or they have an inability to follow and execute instructions then they will be quickly replaced. Brutal!

Signup even if you see 16 names on the list already as we will be picking people for the best team composition, not the first 16 to signup the fastest! If you don't get picked for the initial group then we strongly recommend that you stay with them in the Teamspeak War Room channel so you are ready to step in if anybody can't keep up and needs replacing. Remember that this event series is called the "Brutal Raids" for a reason!

Refresher Guide

  • Download & Install Starparse
    • Our Starparse Details: Group: Stroke my Wookie / Password: Wyaaaaaa
  • Download & Install Teamspeak
    • Our Teamspeak Server Address: SMW
  • Make sure to be in the "War Room" Teamspeak channel 5-10 minutes before the start time
  • If you can not attend then please give us at least 30 minutes notice before the event start time
    • Change your signup to a No
    • Post a comment here to explain your absence as event organisers may miss whispers
Tank (1)

6. Xanitizer Powertech

Damage (10)

3. Ram'mar Marauder

4. Droughnt Assassin

5. J'inron Powertech

7. Noir Operative

8. Defiliata Assassin

M. Calistis Sorcerer

M. Mërc (Lethalish) Sorcerer

M. Jet'Lizard Sniper

M. Menuchah Mercenary

M. Tártar (α) Sniper

Support (3)

1. Waïf Operative

2. Fallen Goddess Mercenary

M. Azitae Sorcerer


1 Comment

Hi Guys!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but im afraid Im cancelling this brutal raid. Instead this evening Ill be doing a xeno hm x 16 man farm. This I can reliably solo tank and ill most likely get enough ppl interested.

All of you are welcome to join me at 20.00 CEST (or maybe earlier not sure) in TS, as this event is cancelled your sign ups are void and youre free to join me or not.

Yet again Sorry. On the 22 another Mono hm is planned and I hope you guys join next weeks Brutal Raid.


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