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*Afternoon* Flashpoint Racers Competition - Random Teams!

Date: Jun 27, 2021
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Fight Club
I invite you all to take part in our 6th Flashpoint Racers event. On the night just smash through the set of Hard Mode Flashpoints we list as fast as possible and the 3 teams with the fastest combined times win πŸ˜€

Prizes (to share among team-mates)
  • 1st: 300 Million Credits
  • 2nd: 200 Million Credits
  • 3rd: 100 Million Credits
  • 10 Million Credits for every team that completes all the flashpoints within the time limit
I will create a special competition page on the site before the event with video boxes for each of the live streams so the spectators can watch the event in real time. This is the streamer page from our previous event.

We are trying out a new random team system for this event. Each team will have a leader and a Twitch streamer, which could be the same person. On the day, the team leaders will do /roll to pick people from the signups using a list of roles and streamers.

To join in please signup and post a reply to say which role(s) you can cover and also if you want to be a team leader or Twitch streamer.

  • Complete the set of Hard Mode Flashpoints as fast as you can
  • Must include all bonus bosses
  • Each team must have at least one person live streaming to Twitch
  • Each team will have their own private channel on our teamspeak server
  • All competitors must be in teamspeak, you don't have to speak but you do have to listen!
  • We will host a spectators event in teamspeak
  • There will be a 5 minute break in between each Flashpoint
  • You can change character/spec during the break
  • All characters must be in the guild and guild tags must be visible in the Twitch streams
  • If your stream cuts off then your group must stop progress until it resumes
  • There will be a maximum duration set for each Flashpoint
  • A secondary maximum duration will be the time that the first team finishes + 10 minutes
  • We will not wait for late people!
  • No using the Razor's Kickstart tactical
  • No cheating! If you are unsure if your super secret plan counts then ask me privately
At the event start time we will form an ops group and teleport all competitors in front of the first Flashpoint entrance. They then re-form their 4 person groups and all team members enter the Flashpoint. Once all have confirmed they are past the loading screen I will announce it's time to start and the the timer begins. The timer ends when all your team members have completed the flashpoint which is when they receive the final flashpoint reward popup. All 4 team members must write "Done" in the event's custom chat channel.

Hard Mode Flashpoints

Directive 7
  • Detector
  • Mentor Assassin Droids
  • Interrogator
  • Bulwark
  • Assembler
  • Replicator
  • Mentor

Legacy of the Rakata
  • Warchief Rehkta
  • Infinite Army Prototype
  • Commander Rand
  • Darth Arkous & Colonel Darok

Lost Island
  • Putrid Shaclaw
  • LR-5 Sentinel Droid
  • Transgenic Sample Seven
  • Project Sav-Rak
  • Transgenic Sample Eleven
  • Doctor Lorrick

Objective Meridian
  • R10-X6
  • Commander Rasha
  • Jakir Halycon & Seldin
  • Tau Idair

Mystery Flashpoint 😱

Good luck 😎
Attending (8)
Maybe (4)
Declined (2)


any role, but dps is preferred
Either role, can be team lead/streamer
Pref heal or tank. Can be team leader and streamer.
Cat Ban
Pref heal (any class), but can be dps (also any class)
Same FPs as last time?
Ula Vii
Yes, they worked well and my focus this time is to see if the random teams idea helps encourage more teams. If that works out then I'll swap the flashpoints next time.
Dps or heal (can't stream).
dps or heal
dps (preferred) or tank (can't stream)