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Ancient Threat: Ghost Killers

Date: Oct 16, 2021
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: World Event
The main Ancient Threat event is here so if you want to join the boss kill then make sure to signup there. Keep in mind that the character you bring to this will also be the one you take on the main kill afterwards.

This earlier event is to gather 16 competent people which will form two 8 person groups with the goal of clicking all the ghosts and talismans. This will give us 16 kill attempts on the boss. What do I mean by competent? I mean people that are not stupider than Jar Jar and that understand "DO NOT CLICK THE GHOST!!!" actually means "do not click the ghost" 😛

You must join us in teamspeak. All we need you to do is join the group and follow the group leader to each ghost and talisman. You have 30 minutes to do them all. It's very easy and straight forward.

Please remember that the character you come Ghost Killing with must be the same one you join the main Ancient Threat event with.

An officer will be in charge of each group and they will take you through the locations marked in Dulfy's guide.
Tank (1)

M. TheMadLlama Juggernaut

Damage (8)

2. J'inron Powertech

3. Zevine Mercenary

4. MrBatboss Powertech

5. Krombopulos Mike Bounty Hunter

M. Brivallae Mercenary

M. Akammeth Sorcerer

M. Zagaral Juggernaut

M. Mechsor Sorcerer

Support (4)

1. Ula Vii Operative

6. Jasmin Grey Mercenary

7. Popwell Sorcerer

M. YoyoXcamy Sorcerer


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can also bring my tank
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