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PTS Rewards: 322 Gear Easy Hard Mode Raids

Date: Dec 19, 2021
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations
Join Dread Lord Cara as he leads the charge on our PTS Rewards event series. This week we're focused on getting the 322 gear rewards.
PTS Rewards are back! Players can earn rewards by doing the following:

  • Logging into PTS
  • Completing a Class Story on any Class
  • Complete all expansion Story content
  • Reaching item rating 322 with one of your characters and complete the PvP, Heroic, and Flashpoint Weekly Missions
  • Completing all of the above
We will be posting details on the rewards and titles later this week.

Hard Mode Legacy Raids
During this event you will be running through one or more of the following Hard Mode operations:

  • You need a level 80 character on PTS to join the event.
    • You can jump to 80 with a button click on Odessen.
  • Imperial side. Please let our Inquisitors know if anyone is asking about joining the Republic...
  • Download & Install Starparse
    • Our Starparse Details: Group: Stroke my Wookie / Password: Wyaaaaaa
  • Download & Install Teamspeak
    • Our Teamspeak Server Address: SMW
  • Make sure to be in the "War Room" Teamspeak channel 5-10 minutes before the start time
  • If you can not attend then please give us at least 30 minutes notice before the event start time
    • Change your signup to a No
    • Post a comment here to explain your absence as event organisers may miss whispers

Oldie but a goody 😁

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Can tank on a Sith Guardian 😂
Ula Vii
They added the titles you can get for PTS rewards:
If you complete conquest on PTS you get enough tokens to buy a full set of 320 on fleet, so the 322 should be easy to get.
Sorc healer here
I'll come if I'm not too late
Stuck in Landing channel - don't have even permission to text! :'(
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