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Special Weekly Bonus Ops Tech Fragment Kills

Date: Apr 27, 2022
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Operations
Patch 7.0.2 will "improve" the recently "improved" gear system:

We’ve read feedback regarding Operations bosses not rewarding enough Tech Fragments and have increased how Tech Fragments are rewarded from them. The further you progress in an Operation the more Tech Fragments will drop from bosses. With a complete Story Mode Operation now granting 2000 Tech Fragments (up from 450). Veteran and Master Modes will also be increased to grant 2500 and 3000 Tech Fragments respectively.
For a 5 boss Operation, rewards will be as follows for Story Mode:

  • Boss 1: 150 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 2: 300 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 3: 500 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 4: 500 Tech Fragments
  • Boss 5: 550 Tech Fragments
Operations with more or fewer bosses have been balanced to reward an equal amount of Tech Fragments based on their average completion time.

We'll be running through all of the special weekly bonus raids to get everyone the extra ops bonus gear boxes. If the patch is out then you'll also get at least 8000 Tech Fragments!

  • Gods from the Machine SM (Guide)
  • Karagga's Palace HM (Guide)
  • Karagga's Palace SM (Guide)
  • Ravagers SM (Guide)

  • Download & Install Starparse
    • Our Starparse Details: Group: Stroke my Wookie / Password: Wyaaaaaa
  • Download & Install Teamspeak
    • Our Teamspeak Server Address: SMW
  • Make sure to be in the "War Room" Teamspeak channel 5-10 minutes before the start time
  • If you can not attend then please give us at least 30 minutes notice before the event start time
    • Change your signup to a No
    • Post a comment here to explain your absence as event organisers may miss whispers

10 Years Of SWTOR Gearing

Tank (1)

2. Carä Juggernaut

Damage (10)

3. Jirrl Sith Inquisitor

4. MrBatboss Powertech

5. Exxartillerist Mercenary

6. Yeftaa Sith Warrior

7. Ab'idiab'adi Assassin

9. Kymmie Sorcerer

10. Homicidal Sorc Sorcerer

13. Conxyra Sorcerer

14. Llamafur Juggernaut

15. Mister Whiskers Bounty Hunter

Support (5)

1. Jinroh Mercenary

8. Rosealy Sith Warrior

11. Tootsie Mercenary

12. Shíori Operative

M. Phineax (α) Mercenary


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Can also tank if it's needed.
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