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*Early Evening* House Party 50 In Your Stronghold Achievement

Date: Jun 04, 2022
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Event
Welcome to the party! Grab some food, get a nice drink and get comfortable as we'll be racing through over 50 strongholds to get everyone the Bringing Down The House achievements. 🎉

People Needed/Achievements
  • 01 - Just Hanging Out
  • 05 - Not Quite A party
  • 10 - Send Regrets Only
  • 25 - The Noisy Neighbor
  • 50 - Bringing Down The House
  • 95 achievement points in total

How to join in
Read the key guide below and join the group when I advertise in guild chat at the event start time. We will be taking a maximum of 3 ops groups and the total event time will be 2-3 hours.

House Party Rules
  1. You must signup to this event
  2. You must join us in the SMW Discord Server Event Voice channel for the duration of the event
  3. Don't use the Fleet, Manaan or Umbara strongholds as they don't have room for 50 players (Fully unlocked Alderaan, Rishi or Yavin 4 are the best to use)
  4. Imperial characters only
  5. Don't send us your stronghold key until we ask you for it
  6. If you DC but return before we get a replacement you can join the group again
  7. If you DC and rejoin shortly after we get a replacement you can join the back of the visit queue
  8. If you keep taking too long to load into the strongholds we will have to replace you
  9. Please don't leave the group/fake a DC after you get your achievements as it spoils it for those that are still waiting

How to give out stronghold keys

Step 1: Open Stronghold Panel (Press U) and press "KEYS" on the stronghold you want to use

Step 2: Change the "Share Keys" dropdown to "Silver Key"

Step 3: Send silver keys to our group leaders when it's your turn on the night



Sorry, I cant conect this saturday
Sorry have to cancel
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