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*Afternoon* Galactic Loremasters Server Event

Date: Jul 24, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: World Event
Expand your knowledge of the galaxy by joining the Stroke my Wookie Galactic Loremasters as we visit all the lore objects required to unlock The Loremaster legacy title 📜

26 Achievements: Location->[Location]->Exploration->Loremaster of [Location]
The Big Achievement: Location->General->Exploration->Galactic Loremaster
2 Legacy Titles: The Loremaster & Loremaster of Oricon

Imperial: Week 1 - Sunday 10th July 13:00 BST (View in your timezone)
Balmorra / Dromund Kaas / Hutta / Korriban / Rishi

Imperial: Week 2 - Sunday 17th July 13:00 BST (View in your timezone)
Belsavis / Hoth / Onderon / Tatooine

Imperial: Week 3 - Sunday 24th July 13:00 BST (View in your timezone)
Mek-Sha / Ilum / Quesh / Taris / Voss

Imperial: Week 4 - Sunday 31st July 13:00 BST (View in your timezone)
Alderaan / Corellia / Makeb / Nar Shaddaa / Oricon

Republic: Week 5 - Sunday 7th August 13:00 BST (View in your timezone)
Balmorra / Corellia / Coruscant / Hoth / Ord Mantell / Taris / Tython

How to join in
Signup below and then on the day join us in Discord voice chat and in-game at the event start time. We will summon you to each location.

You will need a character on both factions that is able to accept a summons which means you need to have completed the story to the point that you can access to your personal starship.

We've opened this as a server event so make sure to tell your friends. They do not have to join the guild to take part in the event.

Solo Adventures
You have to solo some of the lore objects as they are found during your class story. These guides show you how to get them.

The only codex entry you ever need!

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M. Dyamin

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looks like I will be back on Saturday evening so might be able to place toons for summons on Sunday morning
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