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Treasure Hunters Server Event

Date: Aug 13, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: World Event
Ahoy there mateys! Join our Treasure Hunters server event series where we summon you scallywags around the galaxy to loot pets, titles and golden achievements!

Saturday 13th August 19:00 BST (View in your timezone)

Saturday 20th August 19:00 BST (View in your timezone)

How to join in
Signup below and then on the day join us in Discord voice chat and in-game at the event start time.

You will need a character that is able to accept a summons which means you need to have completed the story to the point that you can access to your personal starship. Most of the event is on Imp side however you will need a Rep character to get the Scruffy-Looking Nerf Hurter achievement at the end of week 1. Some locations require Macrobinoculars so make sure you grab them before the event!

We've opened this as a server event so make sure to tell your friends. They do not have to join the guild to take part in the event.
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I have used Macrobinoculars on Ziost and Y4 etc. does this mean I have the macrobinoculars for this event?

EDIT: I just went and did the 2 very short quests and it turns out hte MAcrobinoculars are a Mission Item in your inventory. Incase anyone wanted to know
Ula Vii
You can use them for all Macrobinocular related missions etc.
Ula Vii
I removed Onderon Botanist from the list for tonight as J'inron found that the items can only be clicked by one person and they have a respawn longer than a minute. You'll have to solo that one!
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