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Grand Finale Guild Lottery

Date: Sep 11, 2022
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Lottery
Welcome to the final Stroke my Wookie guild lottery! I have combined all the best lottery variations from across the years and put together a whopping 12 billion credits to seed the prize pool. Good luck, have fun! 😀

Main Lottery
  • Each ticket costs 1 million credits
  • You can buy as many tickets as you want
  • Deposit your ticket fee into the Imperial guild bank between the Tuesday 6th weekly reset and the event start time.
  • The ledger tab will be hidden so nobody knows who bought tickets until after the draw
  • The entire prize pot is equally split among 10 winning /rolls
  • Maximum of 2 winning rolls per person. Further wins will be re-rolled to find a new winner.
  • You don't have to be online to win as all prizes are sent in the mail
  • The guild seeds the prize pot with 10 billion credits
High Roller Lottery
  • Characters who buy 500+ tickets are automatically entered into our extra special High Roller Lottery
  • Every 500 tickets a character buys gets them 1 ticket
  • They can win in both lotteries
  • There will be an eleventh roll exclusively for characters who buy over 500 of tickets
  • There is a separate 2 billion credit prize pot for the high rollers
  • 1 high roller wins the entire 2 billion prize pot!

The following is for those that want to know how the winners are decided:

  • Open the guild bank's Ledger page and sort the current week:
    • First by the "Name" column - A at the top
    • Finally by the "Deposit" column - Most credits at the top
    • Without both sorts the names will be in random sort order and everyone will see different results
  • Screenshot the Ledger page and continue using that instead of the live bank
    • This way tickets bought after the cut-off time don't mess up the draw /roll
  • Count the total number of tickets bought
  • Create a new ticket on the Random Result website
    • Type: Numbers
    • Pick: 10
    • Between: 1 to total number of tickets bought
    • Distinct: Ticked
    • Description: Something appropriate
    • Draw: Manually
    • Password: Leave blank
  • Save the ticket
  • On the next page, leave the password box empty and click OK to generate the winning numbers
  • Post the link in the Share box so others can see the same results
  • Then it's just a case of counting the tickets in the roster screenshot top-to-bottom to find the winners
In the example below you can see that Zaratech at the top bought 800 tickets so if the winning number was 1-800 he would win. Rikachowski bought 500 tickets so if the number was 801-1300 he would win. If the winning number was 2068 then it would be Hpsorc at the bottom. Easy as that!



Ula Vii
Our special SMW Grand Finale Lottery prize pot was 37.784 billion credits with each winning roll getting them 3.7 billion credits!

💰 The winners of the main lottery were: Kayleena Walta x2, Themadllama x2, Andraxx, Mazloth, Verr'ash, Brecthëus and Rikachowski x2
💰 We had an additional High Roller Lottery with a single winning roll which Lexendra won.

That was lottery #221 and it is the final one for Stroke my Wookie. Our lottery has rewarded 172,278,329,997 credits since we started it all those years go. Congratulations to everybody who has ever won!

You can click the spoiler tags to see how the results were worked out:

Guild Bank Ledger/Tickets

Main Lottery 10 Rolls

2095 - Kayleena Walta
4666 - Kayleena Walta
6171 - Themadllama
6724 - Themadllama
19635 - Andraxx
22982 - Mazloth
25572 - Verr'ash
26447 - Brecthëus

For re-rolls I do a fresh set of 10 and use those in the random order they are returned.

9348 - Rikachowski
10759 - Rikachowski

High Roller
51 tickets (500 upwards)
33 was winning ticket
33 x 500 = 16500 - Lexendra
Ula Vii
Lottery winners, I will be sending the prizes across several mails to keep each below 1 billion to avoid a mail related credit bug. Please accept them one at a time and make sure that accepting the next won't put you over 4.2 billion credits in your local inventory. If you accept the credits and it goes over then the extra are lost forever. You can deposit over 100 billion into your legacy storage.
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