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Killer Wedding

Date: Sep 10, 2022
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Ula Vii
Category: Special Notice
Back in 2018 I met the love of my life Lexendra. In 2019 I proposed by hiding a tiny note inside a Star Wars Rose ring and then putting that in the last box of the Christmas advent calendar. In June 2021 we got married with a small ceremony that my mom, auntie and an old friend attended and then in October as covid lockdown measures eased we were able to have a second slightly larger wedding abroad so Lex's family could attend. Now we get to have a wedding with our SWTOR family and you're all invited πŸ’—

The wedding will be on Saturday 10th September 18:00 BST (19:00 CEST) πŸ’
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We're going to have a short in-game ceremony that is open to both factions and then we'll celebrate our union with an Imp side absinthe fueled galactic world boss hunt! ✨

πŸŽ† Bring Fireworks!
We can keep blasting out fireworks all night since we'll be openworld. You can buy stacks of them from the anniversary vendor on fleet for free.

πŸ₯ƒ Deadly Shots!
Alcohol is not mandatory but *HEAVILY* encouraged πŸ˜›

  • The group does a shot for every boss that is killed
  • Two shots if the group wipes
  • A shot for each enemy player we kill during our journey
  • You take a shot if you die due to your own stupidity!
  • If Lex dies all the healers have to do a shot ❀️
🎲 The Drinking /roll Game
  • I'll /roll to pick the first winner and we all share a shot with them to get the party started!
  • After each boss kill the previous winner /rolls to pick a new winner
  • The new winner does an extra shot and then it's their turn to /roll after the next kill
  • If you roll yourself you have to do the extra shot but you get to pick the next person by name 😁
πŸ’° 100 Million Credit Summons!
After each boss kill I will call out the next target and if you are the first person to summon the group to that location then you get traded 100 million credits when we arrive. 🎁

🌐 How To Join In
There are no signups for this event. Just be online at the event start time and + in chat after we post to say invites have started. You will be summoned to each location.

While our characters are at the in-game wedding venue, we will be exchanging vows in Discord voice comms where you are also welcome to join us:

🌷 Tell your friends as everyone is invited! 🌷


Congrats Ula and Lexendra!
Ula Vii
Last night we spent a few hours visiting the wedding locations posted by guild members in Discord and found one that stood above the rest; how could we say no to having a Wookie wedding under a great tree! Congratulations and thanks to Mirnatius who wins 1 billion credits for finding our wedding venue. A further 250 million credits is on the way to our top 5 favorites:

πŸ₯‡ Mirnatius - Belsavis Giant Tree

Tsoa - Onderon Crypt Monument

Tike/Moshagur - Ossus Waterfalls

Vara Cameron - Voss Datacron Monument

Phineax - Voss Stairway

How To Join In
The wedding is tonight at 18:00 BST (View in your timezone). All you have to do is + in guild chat or be on either Imperial or Republic fleet at event start time and put a + in general chat when we start invites. We will summon you to the ceremony.
Same time as the coronation of the king ... but still i like Ula & Lex a lot more. :)xoxo
Ula Vii
Thank you everyone, that was a fantastic wedding night β™₯️ We both had a really great time and survived all the Absinthe shots with no hangovers! After the wedding we killed our way across the galaxy for over 5 hours. I've included screenshots from some of the kills below. We're very grateful for the good memories of such a fun night.

Last night I heard a few other guild members also quietly tied the knot over the last year so congratulations to you all πŸ†

I asked Lex who she thinks would of caught her virtual flower bouquet and she's absolutely certain the flowers chose Jinxie to catch them πŸ’

Thank you again for such a wonderful wedding.

Special Wedding Guest: Darth Jar Jar (Ahmed Best)

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