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#12899482 Dec 05, 2016 at 06:10 PM
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I love playing Rage Jugg in warzones, for the great burst and pushing people around :)

After checking Gants great work about theory-crafting for all classes in 5.0, I decided to create some rotation for working Rage inside Operations, which would maximize DPS output while maintaining Rage.

Gants work:

My work:!AukLq5bn8W_UhpQ_PIv0GbK-FwphaQ

Stats and abilities numbers are taken from Gants work.

I would love to ask you, fellow Juggs(or others) to take a look on it, and try to review and hint me about stuff which is wrong, or could be done better :)

Thanks a lot, and let the rage flow through you!

#12925811 Dec 16, 2016 at 10:24 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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Hi there,

I'm fairly new to wookies, anyways I decided to main a jugger for the first time in 5.0. I've spent sometime working out optimal memory muscle rotations for all 3 specs. I took a look at rage, I run it in a 2 part single target rotation:

Part 1: Obliterate > Ravage + Enrage > Raging Burst > Furious Strike > Retaliation > Force Scream

Part 2: Obliterate > Force Crush > Raging Burst > Furious Strike > Retaliation > Sundering Assault

Just alternate 1 then 2 then 1 then 2.

On the first rotation I use charge instead of Obliterate. Its worth noting charge is pretty much interchangeable with obliterate from a mobility perspective that's pretty awesome.

Rotation Reasoning
1. This ensures i'm dropping Raging burst everytime its available (it works out perfectly with the Overpower passive).
2. It seems to tie in perfectly such that Raging burst is on the same cooldown as furious + retaliation, so I end up using that big hitter on cooldown too.
3. If followed to the letter as above, i'm never rage starved. Its worth noting, this rotation does not work if you are below lvl 68 (you need that final passive).

I didn't have time to decipher the spreadsheets, I basically made this rotation up from reading the abilty tooltips and seeing how the diff global cooldowns synergised. From a glance it seems the key to rage is dropping as many Raging bursts and Furious + retaliations as you can. so this rotation seems to do it and its fairly easy to play.

Anyways I hope this helps someone, I do enjoy theory craft.
#12926726 Dec 17, 2016 at 12:03 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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I've tried playing a bit around with Rage as well, but I eventually gave up. It doesn't suit my OCD-mind. I like everything to line up perfectly and be as efficient as possible. This won't happen in Rage due to the fact that your core abilities gets their CD reduced by 1 second on certain ability activations, which means it will never line up perfectly. Also this means that you are locked into using Retaliation/Sundering Assault/Vicious Slash, even though Ravage and Chilling Scream would be better fillers.

My two cents for this thread is to keep in mind the amount of DPGCD (Damage Per Global CoolDown) ie. the amount of damage you get out of each activation of an ability. This is disregarding the fact that you have to use certain abilities to reduce Raging Burst/Obliterate/Enrage CD in order to keep the rotation going.

So I will post the priority of the hardest hitting filler abilities in order:
1- Vicious Throw (-3 Rage, Finisher or after Force Charge /w Warbringer Utility, Core Ability)
2- Chilling Scream (-2 Rage, 8 sec duration)
3- Ravage (Rage neutral, 18 sec/12 GCD)
4- Force Scream (+1 Rage, 12 sec/8 GCD, Core Ability)
5- Retaliation (-2 Rage, after each Furious Strike, Core Ability)
6- Vicious Slash (-3 Rage, Core Ability)

In a perfect world you would be able to keep Chilling Scream up permanently, use Force Scream on cooldown and fill in with Ravage where no other ability is ready and completely remove Retaliation and Vicious Slash from your repertoire. Unfortunately this is not doable due to the stupid Core Ability requirement to reduce your cooldown on Raging Burst/Obliterate/Enrage.
How this information is going to affect your rotation is up for you to decide.

I do have a really deep understanding of the Vengeance Rotation however, and I have updated it to 5.0 with what I believe is the optimal dps rotation. If you are interested in me posting it I will be happy to do so if the interest is there :)

Edit: Decided to make a post anyway
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