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We are a large guild with wookies from all over the galaxy and whilst we do our best to be friendly and social, problems do happen from time to time at which point we tend to get asked the same questions.

What are the rules?
The only rules we have are treat people as you want to be treated and don't spoil the game for others. Sounds basic but that's all it takes. Years ago we did have a rules page. It started as 10, then grew to 40-50, then sub-rules got added. It was like wack-a-mole as some people liked to use rules to troll the guild "well rule 12 point #6 states do not X and Y but never said anything about Z so of course I had to do that" so then a new rule gets added. The fact is that each situation is different and a rigid rules system limits options.

Raaaa! 😡 What are you annoyed about?! I only did it to non-guild members 😡😡
We are part of a server community. What you do to others reflects on all of us.

You take stuff quite seriously
It is a game but the players are real people and what happens to them in-game causes ripples in their real lives. If someone has a shit night then they tend to wake up grumpy, take it out on other people and the day goes to waste. We do everything we can to ensure you enjoy yourselves so hopefully you will take some of that magic with you into the real-world the next day with your jobs, studies, sports, friends and families.

I have a suggestion
You can always mail me directly either in-game or via the website.

I have a complaint
Contact me, a Dark Council member or any of the Grand Moffs directly (contact list). Never be nervous approaching us about a guild member causing problems, even if it is an officer. Screenshots and/or videos are helpful.

I have a complaint about Ula Vii
If you are uncomfortable coming to me directly then you should speak with a Dark Council member who can bring it up with the rest while they plot against me...

Yeah but we can never say anything about people of rank...
Total bullshit. People of rank enjoy certain benefits within the guild but that comes with the responsibility of knowing they represent themselves, others of their rank and the guild as a whole. This holds true for officers as well. The higher the rank, the more problems they could cause so please do let us know of any issues.

You seem kinda harsh in the way you handle problems...
Me and the officers volunteer our time to help you enjoy the game as much as possible. We are happy to handle any problems that are brought before us but if handling someone that keeps causing problems is taking up a lot of our time then we will kick them. Every minute/hour spent on them is time taken from the guild as we are unable to focus on our normal duties.

But you totally kicked my friend for no reason!
Just because you don't know or understand the reason does not mean there was not one. Your friend will be upset and may not be telling you the whole story or they may be exaggerating certain points. At the same time, we do not discuss every kick we do. Sometimes we will handle it publicly so everybody can see the problem people being dealt with but most of the time it will be done privately to lessen people's embarrassment at being removed.

It's not fair, I really want to do [insert content not ready for]
In over 8 years there have been maybe 5 times where we've kicked people for ignoring our warnings and continuously trying to do things they are not ready for. Three of the kicks were from ranked PvP. They were unrelated and at different times but each did the same thing by entering matches totally unprepared and under-geared over several nights (old PvP gear system). They ignored multiple warnings as they mistakenly believed the only person their actions negatively affected was themselves.

We understand everyone starts somewhere and some are eager to do the harder activities but if you are not ready then all it does is anger those that take those things seriously and it creates resentment towards the guild, both inside and out. Develop your gear and skills first in the easier content and then when you feel ready you can move onto the harder version where you can put all your focus on the more difficult tactics and team skills. We don't want to tell people how to play the game but sometimes in their eagerness to join in some don't see the problems their actions cause other players. 5 people in 8+ years shows how rare this is but that we take it seriously when it does become an issue.

You must be super strict since you kick tons of people!
Apart from the dreaded Order 66b (regular guild cleaning) we don't really kick that many people. We have more than 800 active accounts across any 2 week period and most are awesome guild members. We do our best to handle problems as quickly as possible by discussing it with the people involved and reaching a resolution but sometimes we will just straight kick offenders. A real world example is that at the time of writing this, the last naughty wookie kick was 2 weeks ago for trolling one of our events and ignoring multiple warnings. A week before that it was a a couple of PvPers who had both been warned already. One was kicked for raging in /g and ignoring officers who were asking them to calm down for over 10 minutes and the other was insta-kicked after I saw them attacking someone in fleet chat with things including "Fuck you I will rape your mother", no excuse for that. Just three people in a month (0.69% of our total) for a guild our size is very good in my opinion.

We do not look for people to kick (besides Merovejec 😜), we just deal with problems quickly when they arise and in a busy guild like ours that does happen more often then in some smaller guilds but then they don't have to protect the best interests of 800+ people 👍
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I was asked to link this thread to the rules one: Ranked PvP & Crafting Mats. In my mind this is already covered by the only rule in the guild which is underlined in the main post above but some people need it explaining to them 😁
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