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#13601586 Jan 10, 2018 at 10:47 PM · Edited 3 years ago
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I've explained this to a few people in /g since they added the new materials as a reward for Ranked PvP but tonight some officers asked me to make a formal post about it due to some "discussion" that happened in guild chat while I was offline.

My viewpoint is very clear. If you enter a PvP, Ranked PvP or GSF match then you are there to win, not farm materials. They are an extra reward. If you genuinely have an interest in playing to win with Ranked PvP then go for it however if you are shit at PvP or have little experience of it then you do Unranked PvP until you improve and then you do Ranked PvP. If you enter ranked PvP with shit gear and no idea how to play then you are spoiling the match for both your team and your opponents and worse than that, you make the entire guild look like cunts. If you advertise "relaxed TR" and don't check the gear/experience of your team mates then you are encouraging other players to enter ranked when they are not ready.

If you do so and I receive a valid report of this then you will be kicked from guild. This is not open to discussion. If you are unhappy with this then you are welcome to go to another guild that doesn't care about dickheads.

If any of you see a guild member advertising ranked PvP material farms or whatever codename people think they are being clever with then please let me know and if possible provide screenshots.
#13604761 Jan 13, 2018 at 12:49 AM
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This is part of a mail I received:

When I felt comfortable with my self I tried to play ranked but as ranked is only arenas and the mentality is totally different than normal warzones ppl were so harsh on their comments that I quit trying. And that was before mats patch! After mats were introduced in rewards I started trying again mainly because lot of ppl started joining ranked so I wasnt afraid that I will be bullied cause I was standing too much in front or I didnt dispel fast enough blah blah blah. For me was an opportunity to enjoy an aspect of game that till then was closed only to the ppl that were doing that for years, and get better in that.

My previous post is aimed at those people who are only doing Ranked PvP purely to farm crafting materials. As long as your gear is not mega shit (min 246 + augments) and you have a good idea of how to PvP then there is nothing wrong with getting a group together and jumping into a ranked match.

The reason I previously said you should do Unranked PvP to get experience is because fighting other players requires a different mentality and skillset compared to fighting raid bosses. Additionally, you may find you want to have a 2nd set of gear, a different skill tree setup and a different interface. Speaking to your team mates in our teamspeak Ranked PvP channels is a massive helper. All of these things form the basics you will need for Ranked PvP which is a different game again. There are no orbs to collect, doors to break through or control points to hold. It's kill or be killed.

With raids we provide you with several options that cover the full breadth of raiding: random SM group finder raids that guild members organise, general SM+HMx16 raids led by officers, Cadets raider training to prep you for progression raiding and finally, several progress teams covering HM and NM raids.

I would love to say we offer similar opportunities with PvP but unfortunately we yet again find ourselves without a PvP leader. This guild has a long and frustrating history when it comes to PvP leadership which is why you don't see me advertising for a new leader. It works best when a skilled player steps up of their own accord although historically this has only ever lasted for short periods of time. This means besides random snippets of advice in /g we have no training path for you with PvP. For the moment you are going to have to learn the lessons on your own but hopefully as with the person that mailed me, you will feel a bit more confident giving ranked a go, just make sure you and the people you team up with are doing it for the right reasons 😉
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