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Grand Moff
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I have noted down some key changes but please fill in things I missed!

5.9.3: Mid-late September

  • Warzone on Vandin (currently live on PTS)

5.10: "Late/Fall" 2018

  • New Storyline based on the old rivalry between Sith and Jedi on a New Planet
  • New Daily area w/ separate Imperial and Republic storylines

Companions Return

  • Doc - Jedi Knights will be able to reunite with the galaxy’s most lovable, charming, roguish, brilliant, skilled, and--above all—a handsome doctor. (Doc actually wrote this intro himself)
  • Nadia - Jedi Consulars will be rejoined by their former Padawan, who has grown into a skilled Jedi Knight in her own right.
  • Jaesa - Sith Warriors will be able to reunite with Jaesa provided they turned her to the dark side in her original storyline. We’re still tracking down light-side Jaesa and we’ll let you know if we can convince her to return!

Master Mode Gods from the Machine (Will be on PTS in September)
Tier 5 Gear, only available through rare schematics and new crafting materials[/list]

Guild Improvements:

System Improvements:
  • Progression System – A new progression system that allows active guilds to customize and improve their experience the more they play
  • Heraldry – Personalize your Guild
  • PVP Challenge System - Create custom warzone, arena, and Galactic Starfighter skirmish matches and track your record against other guilds
  • Conquest improvements – supporting the new guild features

Management/Communication Improvements:
  • Inspect Tool – Potential members can review guild profile and information
  • Logging – logs and displays a wide variety of guild member activity
  • Member Mail – Easy way to send a message to the whole guild
  • Member Ban by Legacy –Allows removal of members based on their Legacy
  • Increased Rank Cap –The number of guild ranks will be increased

TBA 2019
  • Chicago Cantina April
  • New Planets
  • Republic vs Empire evolves into a full-scale war with new planets and new + returning characters
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Grand Moff
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#13852313 Sep 05, 2018 at 06:35 PM
Grand Moff
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It is a nice update but I still wait for new regarding an increase of legacy storage or some separate storage for crafting materials all my characters can access
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