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#13956966 Feb 02, 2019 at 03:00 PM
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Hi all, today is a sad day as I am officially closing our DPS Club. We have been running it in one form or another since 2013 and have processed parses from hundreds of guild members. It has been a great educational resource for those that enjoy reading parses to learn how to improve themselves and it's been awesome to see so many people enjoying pushing themselves to the limits.

I've spoken with the Parsely devs and they have decided that parses with the Guild Reinforcement Strike will not be allowed however they are allowing all the passive perks e.g. Mastery/Crit/Alacrity/Adrenal boosts since they don't show up in the combat logs and they have no way to track them all:

Parsely vs SWTOR Devs
I can't do anything about the ones that don't appear in logs whether they are passive or active. I have added the 'Guild Reinforcement Strike' to the disallowed abilities because it is a considerable (and apparent) advantage (albeit it is RNG whether or not it even activates).

I feel the system already puts people who aren't in a guild, or low level/non unlocked ship, or one that has mismatched perks at a disadvantage.

I have some contact with one of the developers, so I'm going to ask if they can just be disabled entirely when in ships/parsing. Of course, even if they implement it it won't be for a while but oh well.


I have been told there are difficulties because some of the buffs are 12 hours and having them removed when entering the ship would not be a fun experience. He did say it should be possible to not have things like the reinforcement strike proc when parsing, or even to have those buffs cleared when you enter combat with the dummy (as sort of as an 'opt-in'), but these are very minor features that would have very little impact on most people so they'd not likely to be done anytime soon.

That means you can get higher in the scoreboard by waiting until we have a set of passive perks/set bonus that massively benefit parsing. Each 2 weeks when those perks change it will prove very difficult for somebody to compete until the next time a set of fabled perks come into alignment again.

Personally I believe because perks are not available all the time and most can not be tracked via the combat log then it means any form of competitive score comparison is thrown out of the window since there will always be doubts and accusations that the top parses were achieved through the use of passive guild perks. This is made even worse in operations boss parses since there are several operation-only perks that Parsely will turn a blind eye to because they can't see them in the logs. Our guild contest is purely dummy based but there are still perks and bonuses that affect it and since BW have said that new perks will be added on a regular basis this means both ourselves and Parsely will be playing wak-a-mole trying to decide which parses to allow.

Sure we could make sure to never pick perks that help with parsing but then that hurts the guild as a whole and the same goes for saying that people can gquit with their parsing alts. As the guild leader I am not going to run a long term contest that encourages people to quit the guild πŸ˜„

I don't blame Parsely for their decision as their hands are tied by this new system but it is enough for me and Tizia to decide that it's time to close down the DPS Club. If the perk situation changes then we can always revive it but for now I'd like to thank everybody that has taken part and I wish you happy parsing with Parsely. We'll definitely have some good operation perk weeks for you to parse with so please do continue to submit your logs to Parsely with the guild tags to show people what our guild can do.
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