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#14246436 Nov 11, 2019 at 10:44 PM · Edited 9 months ago
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So apparently some people are having problems with this boss, so here's my strat to beat it with any group that has more than half a brain cell between them:

For the marauders amongst us - please don't ask me why I just spent an hour making this

(MT = Maintank who tanks boss, OT = Offtank)

Prep: Everybody spec into as many slows, stuns and knockbacks as possible. If you're having trouble on P3 assign people to different spawn areas (Left Side, Middle, Right Side). Some classes can solo the sides if they haven't sinned against RNGesus

P1 (White Circle):
  • EVERYBODY stays inside the white circle.
  • MT use a defensive (Shroud or similar) for Penetrating Shot and try to point it away from group
  • Drop the first grenade at the far edge of the circle without leaving it
  • When he does his Primal Fear ability (big red text, everybody gets a debuff)
    • OT go outside of the circle and pick up the adds (Aoe taunt). Stack them near the boss but outside of the circle
    • All DPS get ready to kill the adds. DON'T use any big abilities until the debuff runs out, otherwise they do 80% less damage
    • You may leave the circle at any time now, since most adds are stacked on the OT you won't get jumped to death (If you are outside stack up so that any new adds can easily be picked up by the OT)
  • Drop the second grenade somewhere at the edge of the arena
  • Continue killing adds until P2, if they're all dead back on boss

When he does another Primal Fear or he Hunkers Down (Red Text):
  • Everybody move away ASAP. If you stand too close you get knocked back with ~100k (ouch)
  • MT AoE Taunt remaining adds

P2: Charger
  • Continue killing adds until the Charger knocks down the boss
  • Obviously, don't stand in the yellow beam
  • Once the Charger hits the boss, burn it ASAP
  • MT taunt boss while he's down and move a bit outside of the group
  • If he goes into melee phase he does AoE hits that hit for ~200k so mDPS stay away

P3: Red Circle
  • Obviously, don't stand in red
  • OT stand at the very edge of the circle, everybody else stand further away than OT (If no adds are in his circle he still attacks the nearest target)
  • Stun, CC, Knockback, Pull, Taunt, Slow the adds. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE KILLED (if possible it's OK but if 7 people are needed to kill one add then don't bother)
  • DO NOT ATTACK CC'D ADDS (Whirlwind, Concussion Missile)

Don't attack the Crab before it has eaten the Huntmaster

Burn Phase: Mr Krabs
  • Don't stand in purple. That's it

As long as the Grenade's AoE is bugged, keep an eye on your debuff bar. If you're having problems, set up the following alert in StarParse

If your client is in German/French, replace "Huntmaster" with 4265104388390912 and "Firestorm" with 4337015025828114

This is the strat I've come up with so some people may have others - all I know is that this way works. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment
#14246687 Nov 12, 2019 at 10:03 AM
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Tip: NOBODY STEALTH OUT! (or it can reset the boss fight)
Tip: Raid leaders make sure to keep an eye out for people doing this and warn them with group kick if they continue.
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