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Battlemasters and Commanders are high value ads that spawn at fixed locations around the galaxy with some of the loot they drop selling for more than 60 million credits on the GTN. We've been leading guild groups to kill them for several years and we have now evolved the concept into an awesome endeavor called the "Community Battlemaster Groups" which we help run on the Darth Malgus Discord server.

  • When the Community Battlemaster Leaders have time...
  • They will scout the Battlemaster locations and if they find any alive then they will post instructions about how to join their group.
  • Groups can be on either faction.
  • Anyone on the server can join, not just our guild members.
  • The group will be summoned to the kill location and directed to kill the target.
  • You can click Need on any Frameworks that drop. Each one is worth 60+ million credits 😱
  • 12 random people in the group get an Encryption which can be sold for over 1 million credits.
  • A typical kill is less than 5 minutes. You can stay in the group for as many as you want.

Joining Groups
There is no fixed time for the groups. They will be run throughout each week. When any of the group leaders have time they will check the scouts and post instructions about who to /w or /join to get into the group in several locations:

  • Darth Malgus Discord:
    • Go to #roles and give yourself the @Battlemaster Hunter role to get group notifications.
    • Check the channels in the Battlemasters category as that is where we run groups from now.
  • SMW Discord
    • Go to #group-roles and give yourself the @Battlemaster Hunters role to get group notifications.
  • Alpha guild chat
  • In-game "bm" custom chat channel, type /cjoin bm to join it with each of your characters.
  • Fleet chat.
  • Planet chat.

Help Our Community By Becoming A Group Leader
We are always looking for more people to help run groups. It is very easy and the more groups you run then the more chances you have to win Frameworks 😃

  • You won't be alone, there are already several group leaders who share the work together.
  • Leave characters at Battlemaster locations and check daily to see if any are alive. We have maps!
  • Use copy and paste messages to create a group.
  • Summon group to first location.
  • Kill, loot, move to next location.
  • Post a screenshot for each kill in the #battlemasters channel.
  • Become known as one of the few who selflessly helped people win tens of millions of credits on a regular basis 😇
If you want to help out then contact me and I'll get back to you with all the information you need to get started.
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Help With Scouting
We welcome everybody to help with scouting. If you can place characters you don't need to move often at the Battlemaster locations and log them every few days then you can post in the Darth Malgus Discord's #battlemasters channel to let us know which are alive.

Thank you to Dulfy for assembling the maps on her site and Darknell for putting together the one for Iokath.
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