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#14499578 Feb 05, 2021 at 12:24 PM
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Unfortunately most of you have heard of the credit selling ninja invite guild called DSGC. Their leader Jenova has been trying to convince people that he's changed his ways and several of us were happy to give him the benefit of the doubt but sadly he's proven himself to be the same villainous scumbag he always was. Usually I ignore trolls like him but he has done something so disgusting it has forced me to take action to reveal what a cancer on the game community he is.

The past...

The present...

Jenova is Akeira is Böjack with legacy Shade.

Notice how people are harassed with multiple spam invites.

Same mass ninja invites across all servers.

Now we get to the appalling actions which forced me to do this investigation 😓

Jenova and Queekdraw duped some of their guild members into helping them create the fake SMW guild on the Satele Shan server. You can see in the first video (02:13) that he /gquit with his Cobält character to try and avoid being identified.

They created a fake SMW Discord server.

While I was putting all this together the guild "Comb My Wampa" posted a warning in one of the guild leader channels to say the same thing has happened to them. 😡

Jenova been mass ninja inviting daily and kicking with multiple guilds for over a year on several servers with no care for how much harm it's done to the game's community as new players find themselves milked for conquest points and then kicked. We will never know how many quit the game after being treated that way or the negative impression they gave their friends who might of played. Jenova and his collaborators pushed it so far that the devs have announced changes to limit the damage these despicable people can do. Instead of stopping he has brazenly declared he will continue and in a pathetic attempt to justify his gross behavior he has resorted to creating fake copies of proper guilds to make them look as scummy as he is so he can claim the rest of us are doing it as well. This clearly shows that he knows what he is doing is wrong. Like everything else, the snake says one thing but does another.

I urge officers and guild leaders to create alts on the other servers so you can keep watch in case he decides to do the same with you in which case create an in-game ticket with the "Report Harassment" category selected and contact the Community Team since they can see the logs that he tries to hide. Don't let him get away with it. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."


Each guild the DSGC leader Jenova Akeira Shade tries to tarnish is another badge of shame for him

#14500151 Feb 06, 2021 at 10:05 AM
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