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#14650888 May 17, 2021 at 01:13 PM
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Hello - Late game noob here,

First off - apologies if there are rules for who can and can’t post threads, the recruitment link isn’t working. Il happily delete this if it’s not appropriate.

Looking for advise on how best to fully augment my 306 set pice. Other than the crazy prices on GTN for superior augments, how best to get this done? I know next to nothing on crafting and if we have people in the guild that can provide that service I would love a chat. Currently outfitted my armour set with MK11’s.

#14651025 May 17, 2021 at 03:43 PM
Crimson Squa...
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Pretty sure you'd get more and faster replies if you ask on discord (if you're not on discord, the link is somewhere on the website) <- that's one of the links in guides which you can use as a reference. Tl;dr best armorings are the r1 pieces that give most mastery, best mods are r2, r3 and r5 (don't concern yourself with capped or not content) and for enhancements you want to go for nimble/adaptive/initiative pieces that will allow you to get as close as you can to the tresholds you want.

You don't really need anything more than blue augments (but you can go for purple if you want, gold are just a waste of money).

Though given that you're a pretty new to ops person, it's enough if you just hit the accuracy/alacrity tresholds and not concern yourself with best in slot pieces, you can do that later if you decide you want to raid more seriously
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