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NiM TORparse groups

TFB NiM - 20/08/2013
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Nagán129354Small Cheetara 6y
Tips & Tricks

Hotkey The Target Markers

A lot of you would of seen the raid leaders putting markers above ads during the raid. There are 2 ways to do this. The long boring way is to select the ad, right click its portrait, then select "Target Marker" and choose a symbol. Bleaughhh ho...
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Tips & Tricks

Bounty Contract Week: Unlimited LS/DS Points

This works with all the henchmen but I think Dromund Kaas is the fastest/easiest.Make sure you stock up on drinks/probes from the droid next to Officer Manus. Each 50 Lightside/Darkside points will cost you 3200 credits as you need 4 drinks/probe...
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Tips & Tricks

Buy Stacks

We've all been there, you want to buy something but you know it will take years to buy loads them 1 at a time. Easy solution is to buy in stacks. Shift-Left Click the item from the Vendor to open the Split dialog. Enter the amount you want to b...
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Tips & Tricks

Enable Cooldown Text

When you cast an ability you see a flash over its icon on the quickbar that slides away. This indicates how long you have until the "global cooldown" is over. If you cast an ability that takes a while until you can use it again you see the norma...
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Ula Vii11331Small Ula Vii 6y

Great Crew Skills Powerleveling Guide

I always use when I take up a new crew skill. Under "Crafting Skills" it shows the quickest way to level each one and which mats you will need so you can get them all ready before you start.It only covers 1-400 for each skill but b...
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Ula Vii2962Small Leefty 6y

Sniper relics.

So since i had my 150 comms i did a test run which relic is better UW BA or Arkanian CN.Here are the loggs:UW BA: Arkanian: parses were made the sa...
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Blurr134273Small Nagán 6y

Mercenary DPS Resource

A thread to pool some Merc DPS resources together. Please feel free to add some other (relevant) links and whatnot. This is one of the better guides out there - It is pretty much all to do with Arsenal Tree but there is obviously a lot of crossove...
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DPS Club

Rogue Squad group Torparse

We will try and get a group for all of our raids, upload you logs so we can see who is slacking! :P
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DPS Club

First decent parse on the dummy fight => 2765
Small Leefty 6y
Leefty44398Small Leefty 6y
DPS Club

Finally broke 3k DPS on dummy!

After 3.5 hours of DG NiM wiping I was in the mood for punching the dummy. I made my way to the ship and I started flailing my arms ferociously (aka Carnage spec) at the poor dummy and ended at 3000.27 DPS on one of the tries over a 5 minute fight...
Small Skagerlind 6y
Skagerlind54436Small Nagán 6y

Operative DPS

I've been casually trying to see if Operatives are viable deeps. Using TORPARSE on the dummy on my ship I noticed they can actually sustain DPS, playing around with the builds, rotation, energy management & keybinds etc. I've maintained that w...
Small Tribulation 6y
Tribulation113432Small Tribulation 6y

Assassin tanks

Recent re-roll on my end earned me the nickname "Squishy", since compare to the PT tank assassins spike.I'm wondering what do the rest of you think about the best use of the class. Few things I'm not 100% on are the following:1. Accuracy - yes or ...
Small Allise 6y
Allise2419848Member avatar small Glacya 6y

Jugg tanks

I'm moving my replies here so we don't spam the assassin tanks thread. #8000077 Nefala wrote:I dont know what is your opening rotation like tho. Usually the opening rotation I use is: Saber Throw > Force Charge > Smash > Saber Reflect &gt...
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Ghishaseel51928Small Nefala 6y

Marauder PvE

Compendium for Annihilation Marauders: is *excellent* thread updated for 2.0
Small Leefty 6y
Leefty31250Small Leefty 6y

Sniper PvE

I don't have a personal opinion, but more than a few people have pointed out this thread for Marksmanship Snipers:
Small Leefty 6y
Leefty1669Small Leefty 6y

BiS Relics

Since relics (along with earings and implants) are the first things I invest in with my comms, I was wondering if anyone has a view of what is BiS for 2.0In 1.7 it was something like this:- Sorcerer Healer => DG Relic of Boundless Ages + EWH Re...
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Leefty154248Small Leefty 6y

Optimum Juggernaut tanking stats

I did a little calculations of my own.Basicly I took the data from this forum post: the percentage value out of these pts and I got this:OPTIMUM JUGG TANKING STATSTDR - Total Defasive...
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Spejs92856Small Spejs 6y

Gearing for Crit in 2.0

In some SWTOR compendiums I read statements like "Crit should be avoided like the plague" and "mods and enhancements should be WITHOUT Crit". Also Noxxic has Crit prioritized lower than Surge (which has a soft cap) but also lower than Power (which...
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Leefty31188Small Spejs 6y