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6,0 Sin Tanking Guide by Jaydenz of the 7 teams

Hello, linking the Jaydenz Sin Guide, for all not in the theory crafter discord.Guides include gearing, utilities, and tips on raid fights. IMP Version: Version...
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Tips & Tricks

Teamspeak Badges

You might of seen some of us with fancy smancy icons near our names in Teamspeak. Every now and then the Teamspeak crew release special badges you can get. Here are the ones which are valid at the moment: Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2018 - 8C...
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Ello I just joined the guild

What is the time zone that is used to schedule ops here ?
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6.0 Datacrons on Mek-Sha

Mek-ShaMastery - - -
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Star Wars - The Old Republic - Mind Your Step (Master)

Was luckey to get some good info about getting this achievement.Got a video of the kill with the achievement
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Free Black & Black dye (for legacy gear)

So this tip depends on three things: You need to have used old Cantina Codes so you get Cantina Crates when you create a new character You want to dye a piece of legacy gear Patience! The trick is very simple: Create a new character and get to...
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Juggernaut PVP

Hey boyz...Cant find a PvP guide for Vengeance/Rage but maybe you can help me out.What stats and augments should I run on Vengeance and what on Rage ? Any tips on utilites for WZ and arenas would be much appreciated
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Tips & Tricks

Taris Eradication (Republic)

Did some Taris Eradication today and found a very good run for killing around 100 mobs every 5 mins.
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Tips & Tricks

COD Mails

A lot of people do not understand what COD mails are or how they work. COD stands for:CashOnDeliveryIn game terms this means you can mail items to somebody with a credit amount attached and they can't take the items from the mail without agreeing...
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DPS Club

Handor Dps Club

Patch : 5.10.1Assassin: Hatred: 11257.31Deception: 11143.31Powertech: Advanced Prototype: 11473.04Pyro: : 11758.57No extra discharge or grapple damage on my parses.
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Lost wookie trying to find a way home

Hey guys!I don't know how many of the old guard are left, but I feel like playing some again, and wonder if I could rejoin with my lightning sorc "drstronklove"?I used to play a couple of years ago, mainly on the bounty hunter "stronklove", maybe ...
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TL:DR Guide to Geonosian Queen Hardmode

Just some notes to keep in mind if pugging/doing the boss in a guild group and people don't have that much knowledge, feel free to fill in any advice you have or strategy that works for you!Setup: 1 Tank, 5 DPS and 2 Healers (alternative approach,...
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Jugg TANK 258 set.

Could anyone advise me how to build 258 tank set? My biggest concern are mods.What should I pick instead regular Lethals 54B? If anyone have specific stats I would be gratefull
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DPS Club

Tizia DPS club

All top parses total: (only from patch 5.5 or higher).Juggernaut:Vengeance: DPS: 10560Rage: DPS: 10156Assassin: Deception: DPS: 10122Hatred: DPS: 10183
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DPS Club

Dorvius DPS Club

Hi to everyone. Here is a parse form my Rep side character. I will upload parses by my Imperial character soon, when my Sorcerer is geared up better!Name: IstorianSpec: Balance Sage (Madness Sorcerer)DPS: 9843.75Note: Low Alacrity (750ish), High C...
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Banned: Zárathüstra

I'm posting publicly as an example to everybody. This is definitely not something I do regularly but I want to express my disappointment in Zara and my expectation of behavior from guild members.We've had a long history of problems with Zara and ...
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DPS Club

Guild Perks Have Killed The DPS Club

Hi all, today is a sad day as I am officially closing our DPS Club. We have been running it in one form or another since 2013 and have processed parses from hundreds of guild members. It has been a great educational resource for those that enjoy...
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DPS Club

Invallid dps parse

carnage mara
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DPS Club

Iroland parses assasin deception 10020dps
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DPS Club

Animekitty DPS club

Name: AnimekittySpec: Carnage MarauderDPS: 10067,49Note: Low Alacrity, High Crit + Mastery build
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